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    Rencol Components Ltd

    Welcome to Rencol Components. We offer a comprehensive range of industrial components and custom manufacturing services. As experienced Plastic Injection Moulders of 85 years and experienced Die Casting Manufacturers, we have the material and manufacturing know-how, production capabilities and super-secure supply chain to offer our customers high quality plastic components at unbeatable prices� as plastic injection moulders, no one can beat our excellent service.

    In addition to being plastic injection moulders, Rencol has now established itself as a prominent player amongst Die Casting Manufacturers. Furthermore, Rencol Components now offers a range of metal manufacturing processes, including: Forging, Metal Stamping and Machining.

    We are at the fore-front of design, development and the manufacturing of metal and plastic industrial components � our unique blend of engineering, design and sales personnel in the UK, component manufacturing specialists in China and experienced management in the USA, allows us to cater to a global market with a global solution.

    Standard Components

    Rencol offers a wide range of standard components:

    � � Bridge Handles and Pull Handles
    � � Clamp Handles and Levers
    � � Plastic Knobs
    � � Plastic Handles and T-Handles
    � � Index Plungers and Cam Plungers
    � � Levelling Feet and Accessories
    � � Plastic and Metal Hand Wheels
    � � Cranking Handles & Adjustable levers
    � � Metal Knobs
    � � Plastic and Metal Hinges
    � � PVC handle Grips

    All of our Standard Components and Custom Projects are manufactured at Rencol Components Facilities, we are not a broker and do not 'source' components for and of our customers. We take pride in manufacturing our own components and ensure they are of the highest quality.

    Locks, Latches and Vents
    We now offer a range polished metal Locks, Latches and Bolts. Our range includes; adjustable metal latches, two part locking barrel bolts and metal vents made from stainless steel 304.

    To view our full range of locks, latches and vents Click Here

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    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. ABS Injection Mouldings
    2. Adjustable Hinges
    3. Adjustable Levelling Feet
    4. Adjustable Levers
    5. Aerospace Component Manufacturer
    6. Aluminium Component Manufacturer.
    7. Aluminium Die Casting
    8. Aluminium Die Castings
    9. Aluminium Diecastings
    10. Aluminium Gravity Die Casting
    11. Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
    12. Articulated Levelling Feet
    13. Automotive Plastic Components
    14. Ball Plunger
    15. Barrel Bolts
    16. Bespoke Levelling Feet
    17. Black Handles
    18. Bolts
    19. Bridge Handles
    20. Cabinet Handle
    21. Cam Plunger
    22. Chrome Door Handles
    23. Clamping Handles
    24. CNC Machined Diecastings
    25. Component Design
    26. Concealed Hinges
    27. Crank Handles
    28. Custom Hinges
    29. Custom Levelling Feet
    30. Design Plastic Components
    31. Detent Pins
    32. Die Casting
    33. Die Casting Manufacturers
    34. Diecasting
    35. Diecasting Services
    36. Friction Hinges
    37. Gravity Die Castings
    38. Gravity Diecasting
    39. Hand Wheels
    40. Handles
    41. Handwheels
    42. High Pressure Die Castings
    43. Hinges
    44. Indexing Handles
    45. Indexing Plungers
    46. Injection Moulded
    47. Injection Moulded Components
    48. Injection Moulders
    49. Injection Moulding
    50. Injection Mouldings
    51. Latches
    52. Levelling Feet
    53. Levelling Feet Distributor
    54. Levelling Feet Manufacture
    55. Levelling Feet Manufacturer
    56. Levelling Feet Supplier
    57. Levelling Feet To Design
    58. Lever Handles
    59. Levers And Handles
    60. Locks
    61. Louvres
    62. Machine Tool Manufacturing Services
    63. Machined Die Castings
    64. Manufacturer Plastic Components
    65. Manufacturing Services
    66. Metal Barrel Bolts
    67. Metal Handwheels
    68. Metal Latches
    69. Metal Locks
    70. Metal Louvres
    71. Metal Vents
    72. Moulded Plastics
    73. Mouldings
    74. Non Ferrous Aluminium Die Castings
    75. Non Ferrous High Pressure Die Casting
    76. Non Ferrous High Pressure Die Castings
    77. Non Ferrous Zinc Die Castings
    78. Nonferrous Die Casting
    79. Nonferrous High Pressure Die Casting
    80. Nonferrous High Pressure Die Castings
    81. Outsourcing Solutions
    82. Plasic Knobs
    83. Plastic Component Design
    84. Plastic Components
    85. Plastic Hand Wheels
    86. Plastic Handles
    87. Plastic Handwheels
    88. Plastic Injection
    89. Plastic Injection Mould Tool Design
    90. Plastic Injection Mould Tool Manufacture
    91. Plastic Injection Mould Toolmakers
    92. Plastic Injection Mould Tools
    93. Plastic Injection Moulder
    94. Plastic Injection Mouldering
    95. Plastic Injection Moulders
    96. Plastic Injection Moulding
    97. Plastic Injection Moulding Plastic Injection Moulders
    98. Plastic Injection Moulding Products
    99. Plastic Injection Moulding Services
    100. Plastic Injection Mouldings
    101. Plastic Knobs
    102. Plastic Manufacturer
    103. Plastic Moulded Components
    104. Plastic Moulded Parts
    105. Plastic Moulded Product Design
    106. Plastic Moulded Products
    107. Plastic Moulders
    108. Plastic Moulding
    109. Plastic Moulding Manufacture
    110. Plastic Moulding Supplier
    111. Plastic Mouldings
    112. Plastic Mouldings Supplier
    113. Plastic Overmoulding
    114. Plastic Parts
    115. Plastic Product Design
    116. Plastics
    117. Plastics Injection Mould Tools
    118. Plastics Injection Moulding
    119. Plastics Injection Moulding Services
    120. Precision Component Manufacturer
    121. Precision Injection Moulders
    122. Precision Plastic Injection Moulders
    123. Precision Plastic Injection Moulding
    124. Precision Plastic Moulders
    125. Pressure Die Casting
    126. Pressure Die Casting Services
    127. Pressure Diecasting
    128. PVC Grips
    129. Ratchet Handle
    130. Spring Plunger
    131. Spring Plungers
    132. Stainless Steel Latches
    133. Stainless Steel Vents
    134. Sub-Contract Injection Moulding
    135. Technical Injection Mouldings
    136. Thermoplastic Injection Mouldings
    137. Thermoset
    138. Threaded Levelling Feet
    139. Trade Plastic Injection Mouldings
    140. Turnkey Solutions Plastic Injection Mouldings
    141. Zinc Die Casting
    142. Zinc Die Castings
    143. Zinc Diecastings
    144. Zinc Gravity Die Casting
    145. Zinc Gravity Die Castings

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