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    Plate Supplies

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of 'Dash Dynamics Ltd' Plate Supplies UK is able to offer dealers a fully automated sales platform where they can order and pay for the wide range of number plate solutions we have to provide using the secure Shopify payment system.

    Fully Automated Purchasing System - Same Day Dispatch
    Our highly efficient fully automated purchasing system also means all orders are then properly picked and packed and sent out on the same day if ordered before 11 am.

    Acrylic Gel Number Plate Letter Wholesaler

    - Ready Made Plates
    - UK Number Plate Digits
    - Irish Number Plate Digits
    - Reflectives and Acrylics
    - Motorbike Number Plates
    - Printers, Rollers and Equipment
    - Trade Resin Perspex Car Registration Digits
    - Assembly Screw Packs and Sticky Pad Packs
    - Pre-Printed and Rolled Blank Plates
    - Surface Mounted and Raised Gel Digits
    - Corner Badges

    3D Gel Resin Number Plate Letters - UK
    Plate Supplies provides a wide variety of 3D Gel Resin Number Plates to meet the ever growing needs of dealers across the UK including badges and flags for standard UK purposes.

    Irish Number Plate Digits
    Where Irish Number Plate Digits are concerned we are able to supply high quality products for dealers based in Ireland including 40mm, 50mm, 60 mm and 70mm Irish Gel Number plate Digits so why not head over to our online shop for further details.

    Ready Made Plates
    Instead of manufacturing your own number plates why not save yourself all of the hassle and order your ready-made plates from one of the UKs leading suppliers, Plate Supplies.

    Starting at just �5.20 our highly accurate ready-made plates will not disappoint so for more details please click on our website.

    Trade/Wholesaler Reflectives and Acrylics
    Reflectives and Acrylics are available in standard oblong, short 18 �, 16 and short 13 3/8, short 11 inch, 4x4 Reflectives for Land Rover applications and Japanese Import Reflectives.

    Trade Resin Perspex Car Registration Digits
    For Trade Resin Perspex Car Registration Digits we provide all of our dealers a full technical back-up service. This also includes full guidance for customers wishing to find out how to apply to the DVLA in the UK.

    Thinking of producing your own 3D Gel and 4D Laser Cut numbers?
    Why not take advantage of the current booming market and demands for 3D Gel Number requirements, just get in touch with Plate Supplies and apply for a trade account and we'll get you started straight away including the supply of manufacturing equipment and stock.

    For further information about Plate Supplies Ltd or to find out about anything else regarding our products and services please do not hesitate to get in touch, thank you.

    How to make a 4D laser cut or 3D gel number plate

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