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Platt Packaging Ltd

Unit 2, Gateway Building, Tredegar Business Park
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  • Custom-manufactured thermoformed packaging
  • Contract packaging & assembly of packaged products
  • Where possible we use recycled RPET material
  • Bespoke Products
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    Platt Packaging Ltd

    Custom Manufactured Thermoformed Packaging Solutions

    Platt Packaging offers an unsurpassed range of packaging products and packing solutions guaranteed to cover the needs of a wide range of retail outlets and packaging companies.

    With the ever increasing demands of today�s customer consumer industry it�s never been more important than the present when choosing the right type of packaging for your products on display.

    We have over 100 of combined years of experience in the packaging industry so it goes without saying you'll get only the very best in products and packaging services when you deal with Platt Packaging.

    We offer a vast range of packaging products and services:

    Blister Sealing
    For all of you blister packaging needs we can tailor a product to meet your particular requirements and what's more all of our blister packs are manufactured from 85% recycled RPET materials and are 100% recyclable.

    Clam Packaging
    Platt Packaging supplies bespoke clam packaging for both on and off the shelf products. Our clam packaging is ideal for presenting a wide range of awkward shaped products so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Where thermoforming is concerned all of our products are manufactured to meet ISO Standards to ensure full traceability and quality from start to finish. A wide range of material options also available including RPET, HIPS, PVC, FLOCK and APET.

    Shrink Wrapping
    From a purpose built manufacturing facility containing one of the largest sealing machines in the UK we are able to produce and package a vast range of display products with high quality shrink wrap as well as affixing price and promotional labels.

    Edge Bending
    Offering total versatility our edge bent blisters can be used to pack the products yourself which means you don't need to carry too much stock at any one time.

    Hand Assembly & Packing
    We also offer customers a highly efficient hand assembly packing service which can be tailored around their specific needs.

    Bagging & Sealing
    Platt Packaging can provide a bagging and sealing service to fill and insert multi-component kits into poly bags as well as apply labels which can be designed by ourselves or made to our customer own artwork.

    To find out more about Platt Packaging and the range of highly efficient packaging solutions we have to offer please visit our website or get in touch.

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