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    Manchester Metrology Ltd

    Specialising In Contract Measurement Services, Portable Measuring Services
    & 3D Laser Scanning

    Manchester Metrology Ltd are specialists in the measurement of engineered products that are manufactured to fine tolerances.

    We provide a range of high quality inspection equipment, all of which can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements.

    At Manchester Metrology we are proud of our reputation for listening to our customers' needs and offering them helpful and friendly advice. We also believe that this approach is what distinguishes us as a benchmark metrology organisation.

    Portable Measuring Services

    Our comprehensive Subcontract Measuring Services include onsite training and Faro Metrology Services with Gage Software, Aberlink Software and Delcam software options. We offer Faro Arm/Gage onsite inspection, Laser Tracking onsite inspection for large scale work and provide our customers with Faro Arm/Gage and Tracker for both short term and long term leasing.


    We offer Laser Tracker training and Faro Arm Tracker training on up to date Cam2 and X1 measure software. We supply the full range of Faro probes and probe kits including extension kits and can manufacture special purpose probes for all applications. We also supply Verisurf Software for all hardware applications.

    Calibration Artefacts

    Calibration Artefacts we are able to supply include trivets with standard bases, magnetic calibration trivets, spheres and spheres with magnetic bases, and magnetic bases for use with calibration trivets or spheres.

    Other associated equipment and accessories range from magnetic mounting chucks and laser tracker accessories to Faro arm Re-certs and Verisurf software

    So if you would like to learn more about Manchester Metrology and our services please give us a call or fill out the request information form on our website.

    3D Scanners

    Peel 3D Scanners
    These are professional grade handheld 3D scanners with no useless gadgets attached, just simple high quality 3D scanners for large or small objects where budget is a priority. The two variations Peel 1 and Peel 2 can scan items directly without the need for preparation as they automatically recognise the shape of objects.

    HandySCAN 700
    The new generation of handheld scanning, the HandySCAN 700 has been optimised to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals who require the most reliable and cost effective way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

    HandySCAN Black Elite
    The black elite version offers accurate, reliable and high resolution 3D measurements with accuracy of 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) and volumetric accuracy of: 0.020 + 0.040 mm/m (0.0008 in + 0.0005 in/ft). It is a stand-alone device not requiring any tripod or external tracking device to operate.

    HandySCAN MetraScan 750 Elite
    This model is 1.5x more accurate than previous HandySCAN models, it is also 12x faster with 7 laser crosses and 25% lighter. The MetraScan 750 Elite has the capability to scan any type of material, including hard to scan materials with shiny and multicoloured surfaces, including black.

    Solutionix D500
    Solutionix D500 is a professional 3D scanner system specifically designed to scan small objects with complex shapes that require fine details to be scanned with the utmost precision.

     - Camera Resolution - 2 x 2.0 MP
     - Point spacing - 0.056 mm
     - 3D scanning area (FOV) - 120 mm
     - 3D scanning principle - Phase shifting optional triangulation
     - Dimension - 290x290x340mm (scanner only)
     - Weight - 12kg (scanner only)
     - Light source - Blue LED
     - Interface - USB 3.0 B type
     - Power - AC 100-240V, 47-63Hz

    Solutionix D700
    Precise. Flexible. Convenient. Solutionix D700 is a professional 3D scanner system specifically designed to scan small objects with complex shapes that require fine details to be scanned with utmost precision.

    Solutionix D700 is a fully automated tool specifically designed to scan small models. The technical specifications of the D700 are calibrated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial users in various applications ranging from jewellery to cultural artifacts.

    Hi-Speed, Hi-Quality 3D Scanning for Small Objects:

     - 6.4 MP cameras, Blue LED
     - Measuring area 100mm
     - Point spacing 0.029mm
     - Accuracy +/- 0.010mm
     - Interface USB 3.0 B type

    Laser Engraving Video

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