Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd

Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd

Unit 1 Dalton Works, Deal Street
Keighley West Yorkshire
BD21 4LA

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  • Quality to BS EN ISO 9001:2015
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    Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd

    Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd (YPEL) specialise in CNC Turned & Milled parts using Sliding Head and Fixed Head Lathes along with Vertical Machining Centres (VMC).

    Established in 2001, we are a family-owned company, we pride ourselves in providing good quality workmanship, delivery and service. We understand the need to be flexible in our approach to today�s ever demanding markets and are proud of our reputation for listening and working with our customers to meet their exacting engineering requirements.

    Continually investing in the latest machinery, equipment and tooling available to enhance and build on our reputation for producing high quality precision turned parts, on time deliveries and competitive rates, Kanban systems are also available.

    YPEL can offer the complete manufacture for all of your precision components, we have a highly stringent quality control system in place which ensures all of our customers receive products of the highest standard first time every time. Specifications ranging from small batch sizes right up to the 100,000s, whether it�s a simple threaded pin or a complex medical component.

    Recent Growth:

    Since January 2021 we now operate from two sites YPEL have always strived and achieved to improve year on year, by continually investing in the latest technology available to our industry, employing staff highly skilled with then same ethics of the company.

    With an investment in excess of �� Million in last two years on machinery and CadCam systems, our most recent investment, a Star SR32JIII Sliding Head Lathe was delivered in January 2022.

    We have always maintained a calculated steady growth to support our customers, as a Company our plans have already been partly focused around the growth of our existing Customers base, to grow with them and ensure a good working relationship, along with growth in other areas such as Milling and Sub-Assembly. We are always open to new Customers and sectors based around our batch volumes.

    The Company consists of 30 members of staff.

    Unit 1 incorporates our Sliding Head Multi Axis Lathes & Twin Spindle Fixed Head Lathes.
    Unit 2 incorporates our Single Spindle Fixed Head Lathes, Vertical Machining Centres (VMC) and a �clean room� assembly area.


    We currently have three sections:

    Sliding Head - 11 STAR lathes offering a range from 1mm-32mm diameter and all able to produce long slender shafts and turned / milled parts.

    Fixed Head - 8 CNC LATHES offering 9 axis twin spindle turning and single spindle turning, turning up to 300mm including barfeeding up to 65mm diameter.

    Milling Section - 3 VMCs - CNC Vertical machining centres with a working surface of 1200mmX600mm.


    Aluminium Turned Parts
    Yorkshire Precision Engineering machine turned and milled parts from a wide range of aluminium grades including: 2011T3, 2014T6, 6026T9, 6063T6 and 6082T6.

    As one of the most widely used materials aluminium contains a unique range of properties. Its low weight, strength and elasticity provide excellent and unique possibilities for the manufacture of a wide range of products. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity.

    Brass, Copper & Bronze Turned Parts
    As specialists in the production of complex and precision components, Yorkshire Precision Engineering can machine various grades of brass and copper to produce parts for a wide range of applications including bespoke projects.

    Using the most up to date machine technology we will produce parts to your exact specifications on time and within budget.

    Brass grades include: CZ114/CW721R, CZ121/CW614N, CZ132/CW713R.
    Copper grades include: C101/CW004A, CW013A, Beryllium copper, Chromium Copper
    Bronze grades include: NES833, CA104, PB1, PB102.

    Stainless Steel Turned Parts
    Yorkshire Precision Engineering has been machining quality machined stainless steel parts for over a decade. With a program of continual improvement in our quality procedures we are dedicated in providing our customers with world class products.

    We supply a wide range of industries with machined components in various grades including:

    Martensitics: 410, 416, 420, 431, 14/4ph Annealed or Hardened.
    Austenitic: 303, 304, 316.
    Duplex: F51, F55, F60.

    Carbon & Alloy Steel Turned Parts
    Yorkshire Precision Engineering is able to manufacture Carbon and Alloy Steel components from 1mm to 65mm in diameter and 200mm diameter billets and can produce components with hexagons, flats, internal threads and cross holes.

    This approach to single operation also allows for reduced costs and fast turnarounds.

    We also offer a range of additional services and treatments including: Heat Treatment, Anodising, Zinc, Chrome, Nickel and Gold Plating.

    Plastic Turned Parts
    Engineering Plastics have developed quickly over the past few years mainly due to their important properties in vital industrial applications.

    From small screws to large components up to 200mm diameter, Yorkshire Precision Engineering is the perfect choice for all of your plastic turned parts requirements.

    We are able to produce the majority of parts in one single operation on our up to date CNC fixed head and sliding head lathes making this service an extremely competitive one.

    Grades of Plastic used include: Acetal, Acrylic, Peek, Polypropylene, Nylon 6 and 66, PTFE and PVC.

    Our Capacity and Plant List
    At Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd we employ a highly skilled workforce with a wealth of experience who have the ability to manufacture the most complex and precise components in one single operation. We work in a wide range of materials, from aluminium, brass, titanium and plastics to various grades of stainless steel. We continue to invest in the latest technology both in manufacturing equipment and inspection instrumentation.

    Plant List

    Capacity Summary

    Download our Plant List

    Download our Capacity Summary


    All of this machinery is set and operated by time served engineers and run lights out overnight and at the weekend when required which further allows us to provide our customers with competitive pricing and fast turn arounds.

    Our client base and companies we are proud to be associated with range from the medical, surgical, oil and gas industries to the electronics, aerospace and general precision engineering sectors.

    Yorkshire Precisions quality management system forms the ground rules on which we operate and our accreditations to BS EN ISO 9001:2008-UKAS REGISTERED provides us with a full traceability system.

    Overall Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd can provide you with the perfect precision manufacturing service for all of your precision turned component requirements, with high quality, competitive rates and on-time deliveries. So if you would like to contact us with your own particular requirements or would like to know more about our company please visit our main website which contains detailed information and contact details.

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