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    PressCare UK Ltd presses are designed and built to the highest standards in order to meet the toughest demands of the modern stamping room floor. By continually evolving our press designs over the last 45 years to implement the latest features and manufacturing technologies, PressCare has gained a reputation for excellence.

    Since its inception
    PressCare has always strived to provide a superior product at an affordable price with complete after sales and service backup to our customers throughout the world.

    Seyi Europe has been setup to provide a one-stop portal for all our European customers to access information on Seyi products, request a quotation for a new machine, spare parts & technical information for existing machines and other after sales services including preventative maintenance & safety inspections, machine guarding solutions and training programs.


    Installation & Commissioning:

    PressCare UK provides a complete installation and commissioning service for your new PressCare press. Our fully skilled & highly experienced engineers will:

    ...� Supervise off-loading, unpacking, positioning & erection of the new machine at your site.
    ...� Level the press and bolt down to the floor or anti vibration rubber mounts as appropriate.
    ...� Check all lubrication points and fill / top up with appropriate lubricants as required.
    ...� Thorough check for damage & touch up paintwork.
    ...� Run & test all operations & functions of the press, checking for any signs of heat
    ...� Complete an Installation & Safety Checklist for Mechanical Presses
    ...� Carry out an Overall Response Time check for a press fitted with a photoelectric light curtain
    ...� Provide training to press operators, setters & maintenance personnel

    For customers wishing to operate the press with ancillary equipment, whether supplied by us, sourced independently or already on site, our engineers would fully install, commission & electrically interface with the press to ensure the finished line is simple & efficient to operate whilst at the same time meeting all necessary safety standards. Commonly integrated ancillary equipment includes:

    ...� Servo Roll Feed
    ...� Straightener / Leveller
    ...� Decoiler
    ...� 2 or 3 Axis Transfer System
    ...� Robot Loader / Unloader
    ...� Destacker / Blank Feeder
    ...� Load Monitoring System
    ...� Tool Protection System
    ...� Component / Scrap Ejection & Removal

    Warranty Information:

    All new PressCare machines are supplied with a 12 month or 2000 running hours warranty as standard, commencing on the date of delivery to customer�s site. 2000 hours assumes that, on average, the press will be operated for one 8 hour shift per day throughout the warranty period.

    Full replacement of any defective parts shall be carried out free of charge throughout the warranty period. This excludes any consumable items, parts damaged due to neglect / lack of maintenance to the manufacturer�s instructions or as the result of wilful damage.

    After Sales Support:

    PressCare UK provides a complete after sales back up service to our customer�s throughout the EU, both during the warranty period and afterwards. Available services include:

    ...� Breakdown Callout
    ...� Supply of Genuine Seyi Spare Parts
    ...� Preventative Maintenance Contracts
    ...� HSG236 Inspections

    Preventative Maintenance:

    All PressCare machines are designed to give consistently high, trouble-free performance over a long period of time. However, like all machine tools, regular planned maintenance is required to ensure maximum productivity is maintained over the longest possible time

    We believe it is in the best interests of your company to protect its substantial capital investment by establishing a Service Contract which minimises downtime by detecting potential problems before they arise and allows you to pre-plan your production needs more effectively

    Whether you run one shift per day or have a heavier production schedule, we will develop an individual yearly service contract which suits the needs of your company

    With continuity of service year on year comparisons can be made between current and previous service reports with any differences in readings or clearances allowing trends to be seen giving early detection of potential problems

    All in all we believe this is a cost effective way of ensuring your machinery remains productive, efficient and problem free for the longest possible time

    A Full Service would typically consist of:

    ...� Complete check of the equipment using our standard Service / Inspection Checklists.
    ...� Carry out minor adjustments & repairs which do not require any replacement parts.
    ...� Replace all lubricants and check for transmission wear.
    ...� Check all electrical connections for damage, wear and tightness.
    ...� Clean and check all pneumatic service units.
    ...� A comprehensive Post Service Report covering work carried out and recommendations
    ...� Complete a separate inspection report for the clutch and brake assembly
    ...� Overall response time of the machine will be measured and compared to the original value.
    ...� Minimum safety distance for the machine will be calculated and checked

    Spare Parts:

    All PressCare machines are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and use only the very best raw materials and proprietary items to give the highest possible degree of reliability. However, should replacement parts be required, we stock a wide range of spares here in the UK & the majority of major components are available from stock in Taiwan.

    These items can be transported by air freight at very short notice if required urgently, or by sea freight if the requirement is less urgent.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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