Pressings and Presswork Worcestershire by Indenco

Unit 35, St Richards Road, Four Pools Ind Estate
Evesham Worcestershire
WR11 1XJ

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    Over 30 Years Experience in British Engineering

    Since 1984 Indenco has been providing its customers with a wide range of high quality and innovative engineering solutions at a competitive price.

    We offer a range of first class manufacturing services that combine the manufacture of high quality components in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium with efficiency while still maintaining a very competitive price.

    Our Services:

    ... Presswork
    ... Toolmaking
    ... CNC Machining
    ... Laser Cutting
    ... Assembly
    ... Kitting
    ... Prototype
    ... Finishing - Plating - Anodising - Powder Coating


    With a program of continual investment in the latest technology Indenco has the capabilities to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of precision engineering services.

    To date our capacity includes a full range of equipment:

    ... 3 Axis CNC Milling Machines
    ... Laser Cutting Equipment
    ... 18 Power Presses of 6-30 Tonne Capacity
    ... 8 Power Presses of 30-80 Tonne Capacity
    ... 3 Fully Automatic Saws for Accurate Aluminium Extrusions
    ... High Volume Drilling and Tapping Equipment
    ... Vibromill De-burring Machinery
    ... Powder Coating Painting
    ... Plating
    ... Anodising
    ... Assembly and Kitting Facility


    As an extremely experienced presswork company Indenco is able to produce accurate and precise Aluminium,. Stainless Steel and Mild Steel components to meet your specific needs.

    We are also able to work in a broad spectrum of materials so whether your requirements are for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium or brass, copper and plastics Indenco will deliver every time.

    Tool Making

    We offer a complete tool making service for both in house manufacturing purposes and tooling for customers.

    Our up to date tool making facility enables us to have complete control over every aspect of the project. This allows us to meet tight production timescales and reduces the time between initial enquiry and product supply.

    CNC Machining

    Our policy of continual investment also means we have the most up to date CNC machining equipment. This ongoing regime has gained us a great reputation for the delivery of high quality components in short turnaround times so if you have any interest in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    ... Accuracy
    ... Tight Tolerances
    ... Consistency
    ... One-Off Prototypes
    ... Long and Short Batch Runs
    ... Competitive Prices


    By working closely with designers and project engineers Indenco is able to explore the possibilities and manufacturing feasibilities involved in turning your ideas into reality.

    Our experience in prototype work allows us to provide advice and technical support from the word go ensuring your project runs smoothly, consistently and cost effectively from concept through to delivery.

    Assembly & Kitting

    As well as experts in the design and manufacture of high quality components Indenco is able to provide a complete assembly and kitting service.

    We find time and time again our customers are only too happy to be relieved of the headaches associated with organising the logistics involved bringing together components before assembly or the making up of their kits.

    Our Markets

    Indenco is able to offer its engineering services to a wide range of sectors, from automotive, healthcare, glazing and construction through to DIY, telecoms, electronics and white goods so whatever industry you are in and whatever your needs we will deliver.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 07:30 to 16:00
    Tuesday 07:30 to 16:00
    Wednesday 07:30 to 16:00
    Thursday 07:30 to 16:00
    Friday 07:30 to 12:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 30 days
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    2. 3D CNC Machining
    3. 3D Laser Cut
    4. 5 Axis CNC Machining
    5. 5Axis Cnc Machining
    6. Aerospace Toolmakers
    7. Alloy Steel CNC Machining
    8. Aluminium CNC Machining
    9. Aluminium Profile Cutting Services
    10. Aluminium Profiles
    11. AS9100 CNC Machining
    12. Automotive Toolmakers
    13. Batch CNC Machining
    14. Bespoke CNC Machining
    15. Bespoke Projects
    16. Blow Mould Toolmaker
    17. Brake Press Work
    18. Brass CNC Machining
    19. Bronze CNC Machining
    20. CAD CAM CNC Machining
    21. CNC Machining
    22. CNC Machining Alloy
    23. CNC Machining Aluminium
    24. CNC Machining And Turning
    25. CNC Machining Brass
    26. CNC Machining Center
    27. CNC Machining Centers
    28. CNC Machining Centre
    29. CNC Machining Centres
    30. CNC Machining Centres For Aluminiuim
    31. CNC Machining Centres For Ceramics
    32. CNC Machining Centres For High Production
    33. CNC Machining Company
    34. CNC Machining Copper
    35. CNC Machining Delrin
    36. CNC Machining Die Cast Boxes
    37. CNC Machining Mild Steel
    38. CNC Machining Nylon
    39. CNC Machining Nylon For Sale
    40. CNC Machining Of Castings
    41. CNC Machining Parts
    42. CNC Machining Plastic
    43. CNC Machining Plastic Enclosures
    44. CNC Machining Process
    45. CNC Machining Projects
    46. CNC Machining Service
    47. CNC Machining Services
    48. CNC Machining Specialists
    49. CNC Machining Stainless Steel
    50. CNC Machining Steel
    51. CNC Machining To Specification
    52. CNC Machining Tools
    53. CNC Machinist
    54. CNC Machinists
    55. CNC Presswork
    56. CNC-Machining
    57. Component Assembly
    58. Composite Toolmakers
    59. Contract CNC Machining
    60. Copper CNC Machining
    61. Development Toolmakers
    62. Die Toolmakers
    63. Drilling
    64. Engineering
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    90. Engineering Design And Manufacture
    91. Engineering Design Services
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    93. Engineering Service
    94. Engineering Services
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    96. Engineering Solutions
    97. Engineering Specialist
    98. Extrusion Blow Mould Tool Maker
    99. Extrusion Blow Mould Toolmaker
    100. Extrusion Blowmould Tool Maker
    101. Extrusion Blowmould Toolmaker
    102. Free Issue CNC Machining
    103. General Engineering
    104. General Engineering Services
    105. Hand Presswork
    106. High Precision Engineering
    107. High Speed CNC Engineering
    108. High Speed CNC Machining
    109. High Volume Production
    110. Honing Subcontract Toolmaking Components
    111. Horizontal CNC Machining Centres
    112. Injection Mould Tool Making
    113. Injection Mould Toolmakers
    114. Injection Mould Toolmaking
    115. Injection Moulding Toolmakers
    116. Kit Making
    117. Large CNC Machining
    118. Laser Cutting
    119. Laser Cutting Service
    120. Laser Cutting Services
    121. Laser Cutting Solutions
    122. Laser Cutting Specialists
    123. Laser Welding Toolmakers
    124. Light Presswork
    125. Low Volume Pre-Production
    126. Low Volume Presswork
    127. Metal CNC Machining
    128. Metal Presswork
    129. Metal Sections CNC Machining
    130. Milling
    131. Milling CNC Machining Plastic Components
    132. Mould And Tool Makers
    133. Mould Tool Makers
    134. Mould Toolmakers
    135. Nickel Alloy CNC Machining
    136. Nickel Deposition Toolmakers
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    140. Plastic Injection Mould Toolmakers
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    151. Press Work
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    154. Pressed Metal Parts
    155. Presswork
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    158. Presswork Prototype Forms
    159. Production CNC Machining
    160. Project Management CNC Machining
    161. Prototype Injection Mould Toolmakers
    162. Prototypes
    163. PU Toolmakers
    164. Punch Press Work
    165. Quich CNC Machining
    166. Rapid CNC Machining
    167. Resin CNC Machining
    168. Special Finishes
    169. Stainless Steel CNC Machining
    170. Stainless Steel CNC MachiningStainless Steel Machining
    171. Steel CNC Machining
    172. Sub Contract CNC Machining
    173. Subcontract CNC Machining
    174. Surface Finishing Metal
    175. Tapping
    176. Three Dimensional (3D) CNC Machining
    177. Tool Maker
    178. Tool Makers
    179. Tool Making
    180. Tool Making Mouldings
    181. Toolmaker
    182. Toolmakers
    183. Toolmakers Tool Makers
    184. Toolmaking
    185. Toolmaking Tool Making
    186. Transfer Presswork
    187. TTechnical Porous Nickel Toolmakers
    188. Turning CNC Machining Plastic Components
    189. Uk Toolmaker
    190. Ultrasonic Toolmakers
    191. Value CNC Machining
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