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Presspahn Ltd

Wharncliffe Works, Harrogate Road
Bradford West Yorkshire

  • Mica Insulation parts, products and materials
  • Electrical Insulation, Thermal Insulation.
  • Founded in 1925.
  • Quality Assurance
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    Presspahn Ltd

    Electrical Insulation Materials
    Presspahn Ltd is a privately owned independent company founded in 1925, primarily dealing in Electrical Insulation Materials. The company was purchased by the present owner in 1982 and since then has expanded in to the more modern techniques and materials required by today's manufacturers.

    Tooling design and manufacture are carried out to customers specifications in our toolroom and where possible in conjunction with our customers own engineering staff to enable the most economical design and development of new components.

    The company operates to ISO 9001:2000 and works in close co-operation with many of the leading insulation manufacturers to maintain this high standard

    At The Cutting Edge of Technology

    Work can be undertaken using customer own material on a free issue basis or using material sourced and recommended by us. No project is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated for our consideration. As new technology has created hitherto unknown levels of speed and accuracy one company hasn't simply embraced it, it's led the field.

    Presspahn's clients know the name is synonymous with innovation, speed, precision and consistency, with equipment capable of processing instructions at the rate of 1.2 Million per second. Presspahn sets the standards its competitors aspire to.

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    Monday 08:30 to 17:30
    Tuesday 08:30 to 17:30
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    Saturday Closed
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    Visa Debit

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    Pro-Forma 30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Adhesive Tapes
    2. Anti-Static Materials
    3. Aramide Fabric
    4. Brush Holders
    5. Brushed Motors
    6. Brushless Motors
    7. Busbar Insulators
    8. Cable Clips
    9. Carbon Brush Holders
    10. CNC Fabrication
    11. CNC Machining
    12. CNC Machining And Turning
    13. CNC Milling
    14. CNC Punch Pressing
    15. CNC Tools
    16. CNC Wire Erosion
    17. DC Motors
    18. Die Cutting
    19. EDM Machining
    20. EDM Service
    21. EDM Wire Cutting
    22. EDM Wire Erosion
    23. Electric Motors
    24. Electrical Insulation
    25. Electrical Presspaper
    26. Electrical Switchgear
    27. Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers
    28. Energy Saving Electric Motors
    29. Epoxy Glass Sheets
    30. Flow Switches
    31. Gear Motors
    32. Gear Suppliers
    33. Geared Motors
    34. Gearing Motors
    35. Gearmotors
    36. Gearmotors & Gearboxes
    37. Gears
    38. Generators
    39. High Voltage Electrical Insulation
    40. Hot Foil
    41. Industrial Electric Motors
    42. Insulation Materials
    43. Lift Door Spraying
    44. Lighting
    45. Low Voltage Switchgear
    46. Medium Voltage Switchgear
    47. Mica
    48. Mica Insulation
    49. Mobile Switchgear
    50. Motor Insulations
    51. Motors
    52. Non Metallic Sheet Cutting
    53. Paper Sheets
    54. Parts Washers Experts
    55. Peek Rods
    56. Peek Sheets
    57. Polyester Film Die Cutting
    58. Polyester Glass
    59. Power Generators
    60. Power Supplies
    61. Power Supplies UK
    62. Power Transformers
    63. Precision Engineering
    64. Press Tools
    65. PTFE Components
    66. PTFE Products
    67. PTFE Tubes
    68. PTFE Tubing
    69. Solder Carriers
    70. SRBF
    71. SRBP
    72. Stepper Motors
    73. Sweeper Motors
    74. Switches
    75. Switchgear
    76. Switchgear Components
    77. Switchgear Lubricant
    78. Switchgear Manufacture
    79. Switchgear Products
    80. Switchgear Refurbishment
    81. Switchgear Security Covers
    82. Switchgear Testing
    83. Thermal Insulation
    84. Thermal Insulation Materials
    85. Three Phase Electric Motors
    86. Traction Motors
    87. Transformer Bobbins
    88. Transformer Insulations
    89. Turned Parts
    90. Variable Speed Motors
    91. Wave Soldering Equipment


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems

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