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    Sun Packaging

    The Mailing Bag Specialist - Wholesale Poly Bags | Blue Mailing Bags

    A family run business, established since 1972, Sun Plastics have become known for their quality products, at highly competitive prices. Married together with attention to detail in customer service, you can be sure of a positive experience in purchasing your packaging supplies.

    We supply Wholesale Poly Bags, blue mailing bags and packaging materials across the UK, from our purpose built facility in Romford, Essex. Our stock range is available for free next day delivery.

    Our new web store offers a range of our most popular products; all in stock and ready for free next day delivery. Quantity discounts are available offering fantastic savings on bulk buys. All major credit/debit cards accepted, along with PayPal.

    Blue Mailing Bags

    We provide a wide range of Blue Mailing Bags in various sizes, they have a fantastic glossy blue metallic finish and a permanent peel off adhesive strip. All of our Bluer Mailing Bags assure you that your goods will arrive safely.

    Plain and Printed Polythene Bags

    Our standard range of clear polythene bags are a reliable source of next day stock availability for our customers. Supplied in dispenser boxes for ease of use, all our plain poly bags are food grade, offering high clarity and strength when needed. We can also print your plain bags to your specification, allowing you to advertise your organisation or product line. Contact us for a no obligation quotation!

    Our product range is constantly growing, as we try to source the most popular packaging supplies from across Europe. Check the listings below for details of our full product range.

    Plain and Printed Mailing Envelopes

    With great demand from both large mail order and high street companies, along with auction site traders, we find our mail order bags flying off the shelves!

    Why not try our fantastic metallic blue range, among the cheapest blue courier bags on the market today, with unrivalled opacity and performance. If these prove popular, it might be an idea to place an order for printed mailing bags! With your brand name on your bags, a more professional image is created for your organisation. We offer a fully bespoke design and print service.

    Today�s marketplace dictates that the cheapest and most cost effective way of getting your goods to your customers rules. With our printed mailing bags, you will have a striking way of advertising your organisation, along with a secure, tamper evident way of keeping your product safe and dry from the elements. Add a �Co-Ex� layer (dark interior) or padded interior for extra security from prying eyes!

    Printed Carrier Bags

    Again, a striking image can be created for your company or event with our printed carrier bags. Available in polythene or new Biothene (fully degradable material) with full colour process print an option, ask us for a free no obligation quotation. In addition to the simple carrier bag, we also produce high quality printed bags with loop handles, duffle style bags, clip close handle, jute bags, cotton bags, and the fantastic fold-a-tote bag!

    Refuse Bags

    Our highest demand items include black refuse bags, all types of household bin liners, ranging up to heavy duty builders rubble sacks. Our builders rubble sacks are particularly popular for their strength and stability when it matters, and we also produce printed bags for our large merchant users. We offer fantastic quantity discounts to trade and approved accounts.

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