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    Central Compressor Services Ltd

    Central Compressor Services Limited is an established compressed air company supplying air compressors and used air compressors such as the HV02 compressor, Screw Compressor, Hydrovane Compressors including related products and services like compressor repair and Compressor Maintenance to satisfy a wide range of industrial requirements. Central Compressor Services has a team of experienced mobile service technicians who swiftly respond to breakdowns performing compressor repair and preventive maintenance on all major manufacturers� air compressors. We offer agreements for regular servicing and maintenance at very competitive rates. We offer FREE data-logging and survey and can help you with applying for a Carbon Trust Loan.
    Wide Range of Compressors
    Central Compressor Services supply a range of new rotary screw, HV02, hydrovane and reciprocating air compressors. Many of our compressors can be factory fitted with variable speed drives. Our installations department will install equipment and can also carry out pipe-work installations from large networks to minor modifications in galvanised, Transair, Durapipe or the system of your choice.
    Used Compressors and Parts
    Central compressor services carry a wide range of used compressors and parts and our current stock can be found on our website. Our second hand compressors range from reconditioned BroomWade compressors to used screw and Hydrovane compressors. We even have a used Bellis & Morcom VH56 116N3 high pressure compressor capable of 2000cfm and 20bar.
    Compressed Air Pipework Installer
    We have a dedicated team of compressed air pipework installers that can modify existing systems, repair broken systems, install single outlets or offer a complete design and install of ring main systems.

    Our compressed air pipework installers can advise on the most suitable systems to use from TransAir rigid Aluminium, Galvanised Steel or John Guest pipework.
    Reciprocating Compressors
    Our range of reciprocating compressors are heavy duty no-nonsense and are perfect for tough environments; they are extremely rugged and low cost and can be used for most applications. The Compair BroomWade V-Major (VM) and Bellis & Morcom range can be rebuilt for larger applications. The Central Compressor Services team can give in capabilities of up to 2,000 CFM. We do offer a smaller cast iron range of heavy duty reciprocating� compressors, often used as garage compressors, they are quieter and long lasting with a relatively low speed.
    BroomWade parts

    We have hundreds of used BroomWade parts For V-Major and V-Compact: Cylinders, Cylinder Heads, Con Rods, Crank cases, Crank shafts, Bearing covers, Piston Rods, Cross heads, Pistons, Valves, Controls, Motors, Flywheels, control panels, lubricators, Intercoolers, after-coolers, suction boxes

    We offers a very comprehensive range of compressed fittings including:

    • Quick connect couplings
    • Air preparation equipment
    • Vacuum equipment
    • Valves
    • Ring-main parts
    • Malleable iron
    • Clamps
    • Clips

    Most of these parts are available on next day delivery � see our website www.ccslimited.com and select Catalogue. Central Compressor Services are main agents for Gardner Denver, compare, Hydrovane and Reavell air compressors, dryers, oily water separators, filters and ancillary equipment. Gardner Denver also specialises in the high-pressure market (from their Bellis & Morcom site located in Gloucestershire) at the old Williams & James site. Breathing air charging sets for fire brigades or dive centres are another important part of their business, along with vacuum pumps and blowers for a multitude of applications.

    Vacuum Pumps
    Central Compressor Services can supply Vacuum Pumps from Becker, Busch and Rietschle. The Vacuum Pumps are used where there is a requirement for suction.
    Carbon Trust Loan Scheme Registered
    Central Compressor Services are a registered supplier with the Carbon Trust Loan Scheme. Carbon Trust Loans are without cost and all we have to do is prove the energy savings are there! We offer FREE compressed air energy surveys to identify potential energy savings and can even do most of the loan application for you on-line. Call or Email us to request your FREE energy audit. The compressors we supply qualify for the Carbon Trust's Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme and this can give you �'000s in tax relief with the purchase of energy efficient compressors.
    Areas Covered
    We provide our compressor repair and maintenance services along with our full range of compressed are equipment to the following locations and surrounding areas.
    Hemel Hempstead
    Park Royal
    Ponders End


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