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    Redcliffe Training Associates Limited

    As a specialist provider of financial training courses Redcliff Training Associates offers a wide range of highly efficient and cost effective training programs to clients worldwide.

    Virtual Learning

    Redcliff Training Associates runs a huge variety of advanced training courses to meet the specific needs of financial establishments across the globe via online, face to face and in-house.

    Fantastic Trainers

    We have over 60 highly experienced financial and legal trainers available. All have a vast experience in the business world with an excellent technical understanding of an equally wide range of market sectors in the financial world today. They also have the ability to make your learning experience a valuable and engaging one.

    Public Courses

    Our public courses are live interactive virtual classes whereby groups and individuals are able to book directly onto various courses at the specified dates and times shown on our website. All participants are given live access to the trainer as well as a wide range of the appropriate course materials.

    In-house Courses

    The range of in-house courses available are offered exclusively to clients on demand at a date and time of their choice. Furthermore in order to meet each participants needs these courses are run on a virtual live class basis or in-person.

    Pre-recorded Courses

    All courses available can be fully edited exclusively to meet your company’s specific needs. Once again supporting learning materials are available.

    Course Categories

    We offer an extremely comprehensive range of courses under categories ranging from Accounting & IFRS, Banking and Corporate Credit, Corporate Finance, Compliance and Credit Risk through to Financial Modelling, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Tax, Real Estate, Risk Management and Valuation to name but a few.

    Blended & E-Learning

    To support participants both in and out of the classroom environment Redcliffe offers Blended Learning solutions which combines traditional classroom teaching together with live virtual classes, pre and post-program tools and Q& A`s. This ensures students will be left with a better understanding of the subject.


    Redcliffe also likes to ensure that the participants training needs are met to the full so we offer a bespoke range of e-learning programmes all of which can be tailored around your specific needs.

    All of these courses can be run at a time and a date that suits you so whether its during your working hours, after hours or at the weekend our e-learning platform is simple and easy to use. For more information about any of the learning options Redcliffe Training Associates Limited provides please get in touch.

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    Products and Services

    1. Accounting Training Courses
    2. Banking Training Courses
    3. Bonds Training
    4. Business Finance
    5. Business Skills Courses
    6. Business Skills ELearning Courses
    7. Business Valuation Courses
    8. Commercial Property Tax Courses
    9. Communication Skills Courses
    10. Compliance Training
    11. Corporate Communication Training
    12. Corporate Credit
    13. Corporate Credit Training
    14. Corporate Finance Courses
    15. Corporate Finance Regulatory Courses
    16. Corporate Tax Courses
    17. Credit Risk Courses
    18. Education And Training
    19. Employee Skills Training
    20. Environmental Legislation Training
    21. ESG Courses
    22. ESG Training Courses
    23. Finance
    24. Finance & Sage Training
    25. Finance Solutions
    26. Finance Solutions.
    27. Finance Training
    28. Financial Crime Courses
    29. Financial Modelling Courses
    30. Financial Risk Management Courses
    31. Financial Services Training Courses
    32. Financial Training
    33. Financial Training Courses
    34. In House Courses
    35. In-House Training
    36. Investment Banking Training
    37. Investment Banking Training Courses
    38. IPO Training Courses
    39. ISDA Courses
    40. Leadership Training Courses
    41. Legal Drafting Courses
    42. Leveraged Finance Courses
    43. Loan Documentation Courses
    44. Loan Documentation Training Courses
    45. M&A Courses
    46. Mergers And Acquisitions Courses
    47. MiFID Training
    48. Negotiating And Closing Techniques Training
    49. Negotiation Training
    50. Online Corporate Finance Training
    51. Online Courses
    52. People Development Training
    53. People Handling Training
    54. Presentation Skills Courses
    55. Presentation Skills Training
    56. Presentation Training
    57. Private Equity Courses
    58. Private Tax Courses
    59. Private Tax Training Courses
    60. Productivity And Lean Training
    61. Productivity Improvement Courses
    62. Professional Customer Care Training
    63. Professional Sales Courses
    64. Project Finance
    65. Project Finance Courses
    66. Project Finance Training
    67. Public Speaking Courses
    68. Public Speaking Training
    69. Real Estate Finance Courses
    70. Renewable Energy Finance Courses
    71. Renewables Finance
    72. Renewables Finance Training
    73. Report Writing Courses
    74. Risk Management Training
    75. Seminars & Training
    76. SME Corporate Finance Courses
    77. Soft Skills Courses
    78. Soft Skills Training
    79. Sustainable Finance Courses
    80. Sustainable Finance Online Course
    81. Trade Finance
    82. Trade Finance Courses
    83. Training And Development
    84. Training And Skills Development
    85. Valuation Courses
    86. Zoom Training Courses

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