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Richards Paints

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    Richards Paints

    Richards Paints

    For over 160 years Richards Paints has been manufacturing a range of specialist industrial coatings designed to meet the specific requirements and applications of our customers.

    We can manufacture a wide range of paints suitable for spray systems, brushing and roller applications as well as dipping processes.

    Most of the coating products manufactured are available in various finishes ranging from matt to gloss and can be supplied in a vast array of colours including RAL BS4800 and BS381C.

    The main bulk of our paint products are for the protection and decoration of steel substrates and fabrications including a range of coatings suitable for plastic, wood, glass, concrete and aluminium.

    Our technical department can provide product advice and support including advice on other problem substrates.

    Richards Paints also offers a specialist range of agricultural shades and one off colours so for more information on these please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Air Drying Paints
    Richards Paints is able to produce a wide range of Alkyd and oil based paints that combine premium grade resins with high quality pigments and other adhesives in order to produce a broad spectrum of stock and customer tailored paints.

    Eco Friendly Water Based Paints
    We offer an extensive range of Eco Friendly Water Based paints which provide an excellent alternative to existing solvent based paints. Our water based paints are suitable for a wide range of applications including the industrial and automotive sectors.

    Stoving Enamels & Paints
    The Stoving Enamels & Paints from Richards Paints provide an extremely hard finish and are well suited for applications such as metallic substrates. This coating system also requires curing at elevated temperatures of between 130 and 180 centigrade if optimum performance is required.

    Specialist Paints & Coatings
    We also offer a bespoke manufacturing service for clients with specific applications including:

    ��� � Performance Coatings & Paints
    ��� � Maintenance Paints
    ��� � Additional Products

    If however you cannot find a suitable product to meet your needs please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    INSTOCK Paint Range
    Our great range of INSTOCK paint and coating products are made up of some of the more commonly used paints and include:

    ��� � Quick Drying Anti-Corrosive Primers
    ��� � Quick Air Drying Gloss Finishes
    ��� � Special Black Paint Products
    ��� � Special Primers and Pre-treatment
    ��� � Maintenance Products

    Wood Treatment
    Richards Paints offers one of the safest wood treatments on the market today in the form of 'Good for Wood'.

    It�s not only manufactured in easy to use 100% natural oils and waxes, its also environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals and plants so to find out more please visit our website.

    Where are we?
    Richards Paints is based in Smethwick, East Midlands close to major motorway networks making us ideally located to provide our products to customers everywhere across the UK so wherever you are and whatever your application we will deliver.

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    Products and Services

    1. Acid Resistant Paint
    2. Acrylic Drive Sealers
    3. Acrylic Finishing Paints
    4. Air Drying Alkyd Primers
    5. Air Drying Paint
    6. Air Drying Paints
    7. Air Drying Primer
    8. Air Drying Primers
    9. Anti Corrosive Primers
    10. Anti-Corrosive Paint
    11. Brushing Enamels
    12. Coating
    13. Coating Manufacturer
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    17. Coatings
    18. Coatings For Plastics
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    20. Coatings Specialist
    21. Coatings Spray Applied
    22. Decorative Emulsions
    23. Eco Friendly Paint
    24. Eco Friendly Paints
    25. Eco Friendly Wood Treatment
    26. Epoxy Paints
    27. Epoxy Primers
    28. Floor Paints
    29. General Purpose Stoving Enamels
    30. Hammer Effect Paints
    31. Heat Resistant Paints
    32. Hybrid Acrylic Finishing Paints
    33. Industrial Coatings
    34. Industrial Floor Paint
    35. Industrial Floor Paints
    36. Industrial Paint
    37. Industrial Paints
    38. Maintenance Paints
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    53. Polyurethane Floor Sealant
    54. Primer
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    56. Protective Coatings
    57. Quick Air Drying Gloss Finishes
    58. Quick Air Drying Primers
    59. Quick Drying Gloss Finishes
    60. Quick Drying Paint
    61. Quick Drying Primers
    62. Road Marking
    63. Road Marking Paints
    64. Road Markings
    65. Roof Tile Paint
    66. SED Compliant Stoving Enamels
    67. Solvents
    68. Special Primers
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