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    Rocker Switches

    IEC C13 C14 C19 C20 Connectors | Round Rocker Switches

    You have reached Sinolec Components, we supply, source and stock the highest quality RoHS compliant and Internationally Approved electronic and electrical components for leading Far East manufacturers that are all ISO9001 certified. Within the electronic sector Sinolec have over 50 years experience through our office, assembly and warehouse locations. We are well positioned to met your requirements being situated in both the UK and Far East.

    Most of our chosen suppliers are visited frequently to ensure the quality is maintained, they have also been established for over 30 years to assure customers of a competitive price and high quality components.

    Please call a member of our team for volume discounts and items that are not stocked. We will be happy to provide custom quotations with minimum deliveries of between 100 to 500 units depending on the required components.

    Rocker Switches
    Sinolec offers a full range of high quality rocker switches from some of the industry's leading manufacturers such as SCI and Merchant. Our range includes; 12v and 24v rocker switches, round rocker switches, water proof, momentary, illuminated, double pole and single pole options.

    IEC Connectors
    We have over fifty years of experience in the electronics sector placing us perfectly positioned to provide advice on the vast range of connectors we are able to supply.

    Products we supply under this category range from mains plugs, power cables and jack sockets through to euro module power outlets, travel adaptors and USB products so for to find out more please visit our online shop.

    Our range of IEC Connectors includes C13, C14, C19 and C20 connectors.

    Protection products available include thermal fuses, thermal cut outs and thermal breakers.

    We offer a wide variety of both non-resettable, resettable thermal fuses and switches capable of covering operating temperatures ranging from 72 to 240 degrees C all of which have been specifically designed to protect an equally wide variety of electrical devices and components.

    Potentiometer products from Sinolec Components are carried in stock ready for delivery for a range of applications including volume control, rotary potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, slide potentiometers, fader controls, manual faders and DJ potentiometers, 100K potentiometers and control knobs.

    Power - Filters/Batteries
    Applications cover a wide selection of equipment. Batteries available include both disposable and rechargeable products along with many other types to suit your own particular application all of which are competitively priced without compromising the superior battery performance.

    For more information about the wide range of power products available from Sinolec Components please visit our website or contact us using the details shown on website.

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