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    Coruba is one of the UKs leading suppliers of Rubber Matting, Sheeting and Extruded Rubber Seals. We are the number one stockists in the UK meaning that you will not find any equivalent rubber products cheaper online.

    Our range of Rubber Matting is diverse including products like Electrical Saftey Matting. General Purpose Rubber Matting, Anti Fatigue Matting and much more. We are also able to provide a range of additional services including rubber extrusions, mouldings, gaskets and seals, foam, sponge and conveyor belting.

    Electrical Rubber Safety Matting
    Coruba is the number one name for rubber matting that offers a wide range of uses and applications ranging from safety improvement, improved comfort and floor protection to anti-fatigue matting and applications where the well-being of the workforce is paramount.

    We are able to provide a range of rubber matting products designed for insulating against electric shock and preventing damage to electrical components. All of our rubber matting products are available in a wide range of grades and specifications and can be tailored to your own requirements.

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    Custom Rubber Gasket Manufacturer
    We manufacture custom rubber gaskets in a wide range of compounds. Our rubber gaskets are manufactured from custom designs so you can be sure each part is created to fit your exact requirements.

    Bespoke Rubber Cut Parts
    All of the standard products from Coruba can be fabricated and converted to create bespoke rubber cut parts to meet your own specifications by utilising our extensive range of fabrication and machine equipment based in our 11,000 sq. ft purpose built facility in Cambridgeshire.

    Rubber Extrusions
    As sole distributor for one of Europe's leading manufacturers of extruded profile, Coruba can provide an extensive range of standard and of the shelf rubber extrusion products in a variety of compounds. Applications and industries include automotive, construction, glazing, sign and display, agricultural, medical and allied trades.

    Rubber extrusion products include door and boot seals, window sealing profiles, co-extruded profiles, glass run channel profiles, PVC-EPDM sealing profiles and PVC profiles. Coruba are also able to provide rubber extrusions such as `U` channels, `S` and `P` seals, `D` section fenders, expansion joints, solid rubber and sponge, and cord profiles along with a range of hoses and tubes.

    Rubber Sheeting
    Coruba is the UKs number one choice for rubber sheeting. We not only provide over 50 different grades of rubber sheeting products but can also offer custom designed grades for extensive abrasion and wear applications.

    Main applications includes chute linings, sand blasting screens, washer, seals, snow plough blades, conveyor skirts and a range of materials for food processing plants and much more.

    Our extensive range of readily available rubber sheeting includes natural rubber, nitrile, butyl, EPDM neoprene, silicone, hypalon and Viton. For general applications our black commercial grade rubber offers an affordable solution.

    Other Products
    Sponge & Foam

    Coruba can also take care of all of your sponge & foam requirements which can be supplied either in roll form or cut lengths depending on your requirements.

    Bespoke Mouldings
    Rubber mouldings from Coruba offer customers peace of mind in the knowledge that their parts are manufactured correctly first time to their requirements and specifications.

    Conveyor Belting, Hoses and Tubing
    Coruba can also provide customers with a wide range of conveyor belting, hose and tubing products.

    All materials are designed and manufactured to meet British Standards including BS2751 and BS2752 and are available with full specifications and traceability.

    All in all Coruba is a one stop shop for all things rubber to a vast range of applications so if you would like to find out more about our products and services please visit our website or contact us.

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    Products and Services

    1. Acoustic Foam
    2. Acoustic Seals
    3. Aerospace Rubber Mouldings
    4. Anti Fatigue Mats
    5. Anti Fatigue Matting
    6. Anti Slip Mats
    7. Anti Slip Matting
    8. Anti Static Mats
    9. Anti Static Matting
    10. Anti-Slip Matting
    11. Anti-Static Matting
    12. Asbestos Free Gaskets
    13. Autoclave Door Seals
    14. Autoclave Seals
    15. Automotive Gaskets
    16. Automotive Rubber Door Seals
    17. Automotive Rubber Mouldings
    18. Bath Seals
    19. Bellows Rubber
    20. Bellows Silicone Rubber
    21. Bespoke Rubber Cutting
    22. Bespoke Rubber Gaskets
    23. Bespoke Rubber Mouldings
    24. Bespoke Rubber Seals
    25. Boat Extrusions Rubber
    26. Boot Seal Profiles
    27. Braided Silicone
    28. Brewery Hose
    29. British Gaskets
    30. Butyl Rubber Gaskets
    31. Butyl Rubber Sheet
    32. Butyl Rubber Washers
    33. Cable Matting
    34. Catering Mats
    35. Catering Matting
    36. Checker Matting
    37. Cleanroom Safety Matting
    38. Commercial Rubber Sheets
    39. Compressed Fibre Jointing
    40. Conductive Gaskets
    41. Conductive Rubber
    42. Connectable Rubber Mats
    43. Construction Industry Rubber Mouldings
    44. Construction Rubber Mouldings
    45. Copper Gaskets
    46. Copper Washers
    47. Cord Extrusions
    48. Cork Gaskets
    49. Cork Products
    50. Cork Rolls
    51. Cork Rubber
    52. Cork Rubber Sheet
    53. Cork Sheets
    54. Cork Stoppers
    55. Cork Washers
    56. Custom Extrusions
    57. Custom Gaskets
    58. Custom Made Extrusions
    59. Custom Rubber Mouldings
    60. Custom Rubber Moulds
    61. Cutters Gaskets
    62. Dairy Hose
    63. Dairy Tube
    64. Data Reformatting Specialists
    65. Defence Rubber Mouldings
    66. Delivery Hose
    67. Diaphragm Gaskets
    68. Diaphragm Seals
    69. Die Cut Gaskets
    70. Door Seal Profiles
    71. Door Seals
    72. Electrical Safety Mats
    73. Electrical Safety Matting
    74. Electrical Switchgear Matting
    75. EMC Gaskets
    76. EMI Gaskets
    77. Encapsulated O Rings
    78. Engineered Rubber Extrusions
    79. Entrance Door Matting
    80. Entrance Mats
    81. Entrance Matting
    82. Entrance Matting Supplier
    83. Entrance Matting Systems
    84. EPDM Cord Extrusions
    85. Epdm Extrusions
    86. EPDM Gaskets
    87. EPDM Rubber
    88. EPDM Rubber Gaskets
    89. EPDM Rubber Mouldings
    90. EPDM Rubber Sheet
    91. EPDM Rubber Sheeting
    92. EPDM Rubber Washers
    93. EPDM Sealing Profiles
    94. EPDM Sponge
    95. Equestrian Matting
    96. Erosion Control Matting
    97. ESD Matting
    98. Exhaust Gaskets
    99. Extruded Products
    100. Extruded PVC
    101. Extruded Rubber Products
    102. Extruded Silicone Products
    103. Extruder Compounding
    104. Extruding Silicone Products
    105. Extrusions
    106. Extrusions Rubber Silicone
    107. FDA Approved Gaskets
    108. Felt Gaskets
    109. Fibre Gaskets
    110. Fibre Washers
    111. Flame Resistant Gaskets
    112. Flame Retardant Gaskets
    113. Flame Retardant Silicone
    114. Flame Retardant Washers
    115. Flange Gaskets
    116. Flat Gaskets
    117. Flexible Ducting
    118. Flexible Tubing
    119. Flock Coated
    120. Floor Mats
    121. Floor Matting
    122. Flourocarbon Rubber Gaskets
    123. Fluorocarbon Rubber (FPM) Gaskets
    124. Fluoroelastomers
    125. Fluoropolymers
    126. Fluorosilicone
    127. Fluted Rubber Mats
    128. Fluted Rubber Matting
    129. Foam Composites
    130. Foam Rubber Converters
    131. Foam Rubber Gaskets
    132. Food Quality Gaskets
    133. Food Quality Rubber Mouldings
    134. Freezer Door Seals
    135. Freezer Gaskets
    136. Gasket Supplier
    137. Gasket Suppliers
    138. Gaskets
    139. Gaskets & Seals
    140. Gaskets Adhesive
    141. Gaskets And Sealants
    142. Gaskets And Seals
    143. Gaskets Cork
    144. Gaskets Foam Rubber
    145. Gaskets Gasket Manufacturers
    146. Gaskets Neoprene
    147. Gaskets Rubber
    148. Gaskets To Specification
    149. Gaskets UK
    150. General Hose
    151. General Purpose Mats
    152. General Purpose Matting
    153. General Purpose Runner Matting
    154. General Rubber Mouldings
    155. Glazing Gaskets
    156. Ground Matting
    157. Ground Protection Matting
    158. Heavy Duty Mats
    159. Heavy Duty Rubber Matting
    160. High Density Mats
    161. High Density Matting
    162. High Temperature Hose
    163. Horse Mats
    164. Horse Matting
    165. Hose And Tubing
    166. Hospital Rubber Products
    167. Industrial Floor Matting
    168. Industrial Gasket Supplier
    169. Industrial Gaskets
    170. Industrial Matting
    171. Industrial Reinforced Rubber Products
    172. Industrial Rubber Matting
    173. Industrial Rubber Products
    174. Industrial Rubber Seals
    175. Industrial Rubber Sheeting
    176. Industrial Rubber Sponge
    177. Industrial Silicone Rubber Products
    178. Industrial Washers
    179. Insulating Gaskets
    180. Insulating Materials
    181. Insulating Matting
    182. Jointing Gaskets
    183. Jointing Sealants
    184. Jointing Sheets
    185. Lay Flat Hose
    186. Layflat Tubing
    187. Mailing Machine Suckers
    188. Manufacturers Gaskets
    189. Manufactures Of Seals
    190. Mat Manufacturer
    191. Mat Provider
    192. Mats
    193. Mats & Matting
    194. Mats And Matting
    195. Matting
    196. Matting & Flooring
    197. Matting Supplier
    198. Matting Suppliers
    199. Metal Detectable Rubber
    200. Metal Detectable Rubber Gaskets
    201. Metal Detectable Silicone
    202. Metal Detectable Silicone Gaskets
    203. Metal EMI Gaskets
    204. Moulded Rubber Mats
    205. Moulding Compounds
    206. Natural Rubber Mouldings
    207. Natural Rubber Sheet
    208. Neoprene
    209. Neoprene Cord
    210. Neoprene Gaskets
    211. Neoprene Rubber Sheet
    212. Neoprene Rubber Sheeting
    213. Neoprene Sponge
    214. Neoprene Sponge Cord
    215. Neoprene Sponge Gaskets
    216. Neoprene Sponge Strip
    217. Neoprene Sponge Washers
    218. Neoprene Strip
    219. Neoprene Tubes
    220. Neoprene Washers
    221. Neoprene Wheels
    222. Nitrile O Rings
    223. Nitrile Rubber
    224. Nitrile Rubber Gaskets
    225. Nitrile Rubber Mouldings
    226. Nitrile Rubber Rubber Mouldings
    227. Nitrile Rubber Sheet
    228. Nitrile Rubber Sheeting
    229. Nitrile Rubber Washers
    230. Non Asbestos Fibre Sheet
    231. Non Asbestos Sheeting
    232. Non Metalic Gaskets
    233. Non Slip Matting
    234. Non-Slip Mats
    235. Non-Slip Matting
    236. O Ring Cord
    237. O Ring Seals
    238. O Ring Sets
    239. O Rings
    240. Office Matting
    241. Oil Resistant Gaskets
    242. Oil Resistant Hose
    243. Oil Resistant Matting
    244. Oil Seals
    245. Oven Door Gaskets
    246. Oven Door Seals
    247. Oven Gaskets
    248. Penny Stud Matting
    249. Peristaltic Hose
    250. Petrochemical Rubber Mouldings
    251. Pharmaceutical Rubber Mouldings
    252. Plain Rubber Dart Mats
    253. Platinum Cured Hose
    254. Platinum Cured Silicone
    255. Playground Matting
    256. Polyacrylate Rubber Mouldings
    257. Polyester Braided Platinum Cured Silicone
    258. Polyester Braided Silicone
    259. Polyurethane Gaskets
    260. Precision Rubber Mouldings
    261. Promotional Rubber Mats
    262. Prototype Seals And Gaskets
    263. Prototype Silicone Products
    264. PTFE Fabrications
    265. PTFE Gaskets
    266. PTFE Seals
    267. PTFE Seals Manufacturer
    268. PTFE Seals Supplier
    269. PTFE Sheet
    270. PTFE Threadseal Tape
    271. PTFE Tubing
    272. PTFE Turned Parts
    273. PTFE Washers
    274. Punched Rubber Mats
    275. PVC Edge Trim Profiles
    276. PVC Foam Gaskets
    277. PVC Gaskets
    278. PVC Mats
    279. PVC Matting
    280. PVC Runner Matting
    281. PVC Sealing Profiles
    282. Pyramid Matting
    283. Rail Industry Rubber Mouldings
    284. Reception Matting
    285. Reinforced Hose
    286. Reinforced Tubing
    287. Reusable Security Seals
    288. Reversible Runner Mats
    289. RF Shielding Gaskets
    290. RFI Gaskets
    291. RFI Seals
    292. RFI Shielding Gaskets
    293. Ribbed Rubber Mats
    294. Ribbed Rubber Matting
    295. Ring Gaskets
    296. Roof Walkway Matting
    297. Rubber
    298. Rubber & PVC Matting/Flooring
    299. Rubber Balls
    300. Rubber Base Materials
    301. Rubber Bearings
    302. Rubber Bellows
    303. Rubber Bonded Gaskets
    304. Rubber Bowls Mats
    305. Rubber Converters
    306. Rubber Cord
    307. Rubber Cutting Services
    308. Rubber Diaphragms
    309. Rubber Door Seals
    310. Rubber Electrical Mats
    311. Rubber Expansion Joints
    312. Rubber Extruded Products
    313. Rubber Extrusion
    314. Rubber Extrusions
    315. Rubber Extrusions Mouldings
    316. Rubber Fabricated Products
    317. Rubber Feet
    318. Rubber Fluoroelastomer
    319. Rubber Fluoroelastomer Mouldings
    320. Rubber For Brewing Industry
    321. Rubber Gasket Strip
    322. Rubber Gasket Suppliers
    323. Rubber Gaskets
    324. Rubber Hose
    325. Rubber Hoses
    326. Rubber Matting
    327. Rubber Matting For Stable
    328. Rubber Matting For Stables
    329. Rubber Matting Manufacturer
    330. Rubber Matting Manufacturers
    331. Rubber Matting Supplier
    332. Rubber Matting Suppliers
    333. Rubber Matting UK
    334. Rubber Moulding
    335. Rubber Mouldings
    336. Rubber Ribbed Mats
    337. Rubber Safety Matting
    338. Rubber Sheet
    339. Rubber Sheet EPDM
    340. Rubber Sheet Fabrication
    341. Rubber Sheet Manufacturer
    342. Rubber Sheet Neoprene
    343. Rubber Sheeting
    344. Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer
    345. Rubber Sheeting Provider
    346. Rubber Sheeting Supplier
    347. Rubber Sheeting Suppliers
    348. Rubber Washers
    349. Runner Mats
    350. Runner Matting
    351. Safety Matting
    352. Seals
    353. Self Adhesive Gaskets
    354. Self Lubricating Silicone
    355. Shot Rubber Mouldings
    356. Silicone Components
    357. Silicone Cord
    358. Silicone Diaphragms
    359. Silicone Extrusions
    360. Silicone Gaskets
    361. Silicone Heat Vulcanized Rings
    362. Silicone Hose
    363. Silicone Joined Rings
    364. Silicone Keypads
    365. Silicone Metal Grade
    366. Silicone Moldings
    367. Silicone Moulding Compound
    368. Silicone O Rings
    369. Silicone Reinforced Sheet
    370. Silicone Rubber Cord
    371. Silicone Rubber Extrusions
    372. Silicone Rubber Foam
    373. Silicone Rubber Gaskets
    374. Silicone Rubber Hose
    375. Silicone Rubber Mats
    376. Silicone Rubber Moulders
    377. Silicone Rubber Mouldings
    378. Silicone Rubber Sheet
    379. Silicone Rubber Tube
    380. Silicone Rubber Tubing
    381. Silicone Sealant Supplier
    382. Silicone Sheet
    383. Silicone Sponge
    384. Silicone Sponge Cord
    385. Silicone Sponge Extrusions
    386. Silicone Sponge Fabricated Gaskets
    387. Silicone Sponge Fabrications
    388. Silicone Sponge Gaskets
    389. Silicone Sponge Profiles
    390. Silicone Sponge Rubber
    391. Silicone Sponge Sections
    392. Silicone Sponge Sheet
    393. Silicone Sponge Strip
    394. Silicone Sponge Tubing
    395. Silicone Sponge Washers
    396. Silicone Tube
    397. Silicone Washers
    398. Silicones Extruders
    399. Solid Cord Extrusions
    400. Stable Mat
    401. Stable Mats
    402. Stable Matting
    403. Tirclamp Seals
    404. Transporter Ramp Mats
    405. Transporter Ramp Matting
    406. Tri-Clover Flange Seals
    407. Vending Hose
    408. Vibration Matting
    409. Viton Cord
    410. Viton Engine Seals
    411. Viton Gaskets
    412. Viton Mouldings
    413. Viton O Rings
    414. Viton Rubber
    415. Viton Rubber Cord
    416. Viton Rubber Sheet
    417. Viton Rubber Tube
    418. Viton Seals
    419. Viton Sheet
    420. Viton Tube
    421. Viton Washers
    422. Vulcanised Gaskets
    423. Water Jet Cutting Services
    424. Water Seals
    425. Water Washers
    426. Window Sealing Profiles
    427. Workstation Mats

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