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    Safety Hut

    PPE Supplier

    Safety Hut is a leading UK wholesaler and distributor of personal protection equipment (PPE). All of our products have been tested and certified to meet both UK and European safety standards including EN374-2, EN374-3, EN388, EN407, EN420 & EN511. Our delivery service includes reliable and fast next day delivery nationwide.

    Why Choose Us?

    Premium Products:
    Our range of top-tier PPE products have been carefully curated to meet all of your safety requirements.

    Diverse Range:
    Check out our extensive catalogue that caters for a wide range of personal requirements and industries.

    Style & Comfort:
    Not only does our PPE conform to all necessary safety standards but they have been designed to provide a stylish and comfortable fit.

    Speedy Delivery:
    Receive your personal protective equipment when you need it with our reliable and prompt shipping service.

    Trusted by Professionals:
    We are the trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike thanks to the quality of our gear and the uncompromising safety they provide.

    Hand and Arm Protection

    For workplace safety it is imperative that you invest in high quality cut-resistant gloves. Not only do our range of high quality globes provide superior protection against potential hazards, blades and other sharp objects but the offer unmatched dexterity and comfort.

    Reduce risk of injury and elevate your safety standards with our range of gloves designed for both professionals and industrial applications:

    - Cut Resistant Gloves and Sleeves
    - Needle Resistant Gloves
    - Antistatic gloves
    - General Use Gloves
    - Heat Resistant Gloves
    - Disposable and chemical Gloves
    - Thermal Gloves
    - Waterproof Gloves
    - Ripeur Gloves

    Wonder Grip

    Our premium range of Wonder Grip Gloves has been specially developed with 3 elements in mind: Grip, Dexterity and Protection. Wonder Grip Gloves redefine hand protection by offering the highest level of grip and dexterity in their categories, they also offer protection against frostbite, burns, irritations, cuts and more.

    In the increasingly complex environments that we have to work in, it is essential that your safety gloves protect you from all potential hazards.

    Disposable Face Masks

    FFP3 and FFP2 face masks provide superior respiratory defence, filter out airborne particles and have been designed to ensure you receive maximum protection. Manufactured using only the highest-quality materials they meet the stringent FFP standards whilst offering a comfortable fit.

    We also offer Type IIR disposable medial masks with bacterial filtration efficiency of over 98%, fluid resistance and EN14683:2019 certification.

    Value range

    Our value range of PPE still contains the highest quality safety gear just as discounted prices! This section is continually updated with new offers consisting of items like nitrile gloves, FFP2 non-valved face masks, thermal gloves, wonder grip gloves and more.

    Be sure to check our value range regularly to view the latest deals and offers!