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SAMSON Controls Ltd

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    SAMSON Controls Ltd

    SAMSON Controls offers customers from a wide range of industry sectors a highly reliable supply service for control valves, actuators, positioners, sensors, thermostats and high quality valve accessories and more.

    Focusing on industries ranging from the Oil & Gas, Power, Water & Wastewater, Petrochemical and Food & Beverage through to Industrial Gases, Metallurgy & Mining, Marine Equipment and Pulp and Paper, SAMSON Controls is able to provide a wide range of control valves all of which can be tailored to meet their specific industrial sectors.

    Technical Support & Service Team

    With a team of fully trained Technical Sales Engineers, SAMSON Controls is able to provide an unbeatable technical support and aftersales service.

    Additionally we have a team of qualified service engineers who can configure, build and test out products to meet the exacting requirements of our customers specific industry requirement.

    - Valves
    - Actuators
    - Self-Operated Regulators
    - Automation Systems
    - Signal Converters
    - Sensors and Thermostats
    - Valve Accessories
    - Ceramic Valves
    - Rotary Plug Valves
    - Lined Valves
    - Segmented Ball Valves
    - Positioners & Ancillaries

    Globe Valves

    SAMSON's range of globe valves can each be tailored for a specific control task. The modular design in particular allows for the easy modification of all common sizes, configurations and materials as well as pressure ratings, bellow seals and insulation options. We can also supply cryogenic valves for special applications as well as steam conditioning off the range.

    Self Operated Regulators

    Since the year 1907 SAMSON has been supplying self operated Regulators which are ideal for applications and hard to reach environments.

    Butterfly Valves

    The range of 'SAMSON LEUSH' butterfly vales we supply are also well suited for even the most of demanding control and shut off applications of which more in depth information can be found on our website.


    Designed to convert the control signal supplied by the associated automation equipment into a rotary or linear motion for the positioning of the valve, the range of actuators from SAMSON can also be supplied in various formats.

    Lined Valves

    Where lined valves are concerned SAMSON PFEIFFER'S corrosion resistant components combine superior mechanical properties with the corrosion resistance of fluorocarbons to provide a tight bonding between the lining and the inside body.

    Positioners & Ancillaries

    We offer a highly efficient range of ancillary products including positioners that have been designed to work alongside our actuators. The SAMSON positioners we supply can also be used on alternative equipment to ensure consistency across all sites and applications.

    High Pressure Valves

    Under the heading of high pressure valves SAMSON Controls has a vast experienced in the design and manufacture of control valves, gate valves, choke valves and axial flow valves all of which can be highly engineered to cover a wide range of industries and applications.


    This is only a small sample of the wide range of SAMSON Controls is able to provide to customers in the UK and Ireland. We are extremely proud of the efficient and reliable supply service we provide including our technical support service.

    SAMSON Control's Stock

    Where supply is concerned we stock a wide range of top quality control valve products all of which can be configured, built and tested to each customers exacting needs so if you need help with a particular valve application please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support team.

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