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  • Various racking methods to suit your warehouse needs
  • Cost effective longspan shelving solutions
  • Efficiently maximise your space
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    SSP Telford Ltd (Racking & Shelving)

    SSP help you make the most of your warehouse space with modern racking and shelving solutions. If you need help starting up, re-structuring or expanding we offer various warehouse storage systems to suit your specific needs.

    - Full installation service
    - Free survey and design
    - Building regulation applications undertaken (racking)

    Pallet Racking

    It can be difficult to know which type of racking will best suit the needs of your company, there are so many types pallet racking the task can be daunting. That's where we come in, SSP specialise in pallet racking surveys and design, you can rest assured that we will find the perfect solution for your business.

    We know how vital it is to get the most out of your warehouse space and that each business is unique. All of our pallet racking solutions are individually tailored to meet your company's needs, whether your focus is on stock rotation, optimising rack capacity, ease of access or cold storage.

    Our pallet racking team are experienced professionals that are on hand to offer advice through all of the project stages, from initial specification, design and buildings regulations, to safety, installation and project completion.

    Warehouse Storage Systems

    There are many different types of warehouse storage systems available, below we will cover some of the most popular options:

    Mobile Archive Shelving
    For the storage of paperwork and important documents mobile archive racking provides a convenient solution. Archive racking comes with heavy duty archive boxes to keep all of your documentation safe and secure.

    Standard and Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

    Most warehouse storage requirements can be solved with wide aisle or standard warehouse racking, they are easy to disassemble and reassemble, and very versatile. Wide aisle pallet racking allows for the use of all forklift types, giving you immediate access to stock.

    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
    Narrow aisle warehouse racking provides maximum space availability, it offers a high utilisation of space but does require a narrow aisle forklift to reach stock.

    Drive In Pallet Racking
    When stock rotation is not a priority drive in pallet racking could be ideal for you. It provides a compact storage systems that is excellent for storing large stocks of the same item. Drive in warehouse racking is wide enough for a truck to drive through.

    Mobile Pallet Racking
    If you require high stock rotation we recommend mobile pallet racking, compact in design the racking can be moved electronically allowing easy access to all products. Mobile warehouse racking is perfect when space is limited and a popular choice for cold storage areas.

    Automated System For Smaller Products
    Our automatic storage and retrieval systems are designed for smaller products, they make collecting small skus in large numbers a much faster process. Great option for high turnover stock offering fast response times and a high utilisation of floor area.

    Longspan Shelving

    For the storage of large quantities of goods that require easy access, our longspan shelving systems provide a cost effective solution. Here at SSP we have designed and developed a Longspan shelving system that is ideal for almost any working environment, it is fast to assemble, cost effective and robust.

    There are no size limits with Longspan shelving, making them ideal for all storage purposes. Modular in design a single long span shelving system goes up to 2700mm in length, they consist of long and wide shelves and are ideal for storing bulky and large items like boxes, cabling and tubes. The shelves are compliant to European guidelines and easily adjusted to suit your needs.

    Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving
    If heavy duty warehouse shelving is essential then look no further than our heavy duty Longspan shelving bays, they have a UDL weight capacity of 240kg - 380kg per shelf and have been rigorously tested in warehouses across the UK. Some of our previous clients for heavy duty warehouse shelving include big names like JCB, Epsom, Makita and Richo.

    Bay Shelving Fittings
    Should accessible floor space be a problem for you then bay shelving could provide the solution. Our bay shelving fittings will create storage solutions without the need for valuable floor room by utilizing the height of your workspace. A sturdy boltless design that will consolidate your assets into one dedicated space.

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    Areas Covered

    Pallet racking, warehouse racking, mobile archive shelving, heavy duty longspan shelving and everything else we offer are available to the following locations and surrounding areas:
    1. Shropshire
      West Midlands
      Market Drayton
      Stoke on Trent
      Brierly Hill
      Burton upon Trent

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    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
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