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  • Patented litter bins and bike parking
  • Unique solutions for cigarette and gum litter
  • 23 International product design awards
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    Smartstreets Ltd

    Smartstreets are award winning designers and manufacturers of cigarette bins and bike parking equipment which help Cities, Universities and businesses eliminate cigarette litter, gum litter and random bike parking.

    Our products take a unique approach to cigarette and gum litter which releases new value from existing infrastructure to create networks of cigarette and gum disposal points without adding clutter to the street scene.

    Solutions include post, wall and plinth mounted cigarette bins and gum bins, quick-install post mounted bicycle hoop parking, gumboard style disposal units, generic and bespoke print pocket ashtrays
    and other litter campaign materials.

    Contact a member of our team today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and share case studies which demonstrate how Smartstreets products deliver cleaner, tidier streets and shared outdoor spaces.

    Smartstreets-Smartbin� (for posts)

    Twin cigarette bins and gum bins for use on lamp posts and sign posts and other columns.

    Patented twin cigarette and gum bins which enable cities to locate litter bins across high footfall areas without adding clutter to the street scene. Compact and robust (made from recycled aluminium and stainless steel) Smartbins are a unique patented approach to micro litter - good looking bins which clamp back to back around any size or shape of columns (such as lamp posts and sign posts) to create networks of predictably located disposal points.

    Smartstreets-Smartbin� (for walls)

    Solo cigarette bins and gum bins designed for use on walls, railings and plinths.

    Solo Smartbins cigarette bins enable the clean safe, disposal of smoking related litter and gum within easy reach of transition points and doorways keeping commercial, public and retail places clear of micro litter. Smartbins can be branded with a Council or company logo on request and can also be RAL colour matched.

    Smartstreets-Gumstick� (for walls, posts or plinths)

    Gum board and style chewing gum disposal units.

    The Smartstreets-Gumstick is designed for use on posts, railings, walls and functions by inviting people to press their used gum onto special, sacrificial Gumsheets that are locked within the unit. The Gumsheets are supplied in boxes of 100 colourful engaging designs (printed on recycled board), which attract attention and encourage considerate disposal.

    Smartstreets-Cyclepark� (for posts and walls)

    Bicycle hoop designs which transform sign posts into secure bike parking.

    Cycleparks are a robust, good looking addition to the street scene which helps reduce bike theft, stop bikes chained to sign posts falling over to create trip hazards which promote cycling. Contact us to discuss wall or railing mounted options and bespoke RAL colours and branding opportunities.

    Minibin Pocket Ashtrays� (Bespoke or generic print)

    Soft campaign portable ashtrays for disposal of cigarette and gum.

    Minibin pocket ashtrays pocket ashtrays are the perfect disposal option for gum and cigarette ends when on the move. A 70% drop on cigarette litter has been achieved where Minibin pocket ashtrays have been distributed. Supplied from stock in a Smartstreets generic format or contact us to discuss bespoke print options and we will help you develop your own Minibin and dispenser pack design.

    Please click through to our website to find out everything we have to offer. If you have any questions contact a member of our team by phone or email and we will be happy to forward a brochure or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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    Clients We Have Worked With

    Below are just some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with:
    1. Albuquerque Downtown Action Team, USA
      Ashfield Council
      Bankside Construction Services Ltd
      Bath and North East Somerset Council
      Bath College
      Baubigny Schools, Guernsey
      Bermuda Council
      Better Bankside BID
      Biograd Na Moru Council, Croatia
      Birse Civils Ltd
      Boston Borough Council
      Bournemouth Borough Council
      Bracknell Forest Council
      Brent Council
      Broadgate Estates
      Bromley Council
      Broxbourne Borough Council
      Camden Council
      C�mara Municipal de Penafiel, Portugal
      Capital Clean Up
      Cardiff Council
      Carrickfergus Borough Council
      Charing Cross Hospital
      Cherwell Council
      Cheshire West and Chester Council
      Chessington Community College
      City of London Airport
      City of London Corporation
      City of Edinburgh Council
      Clydebank Rebuilt
      Comhairle Nan Euilean Siar Council
      Coronation Street
      Crawley Borough Council
      Darlington Council
      Edmonton City, Canada
      Emerson Group
      Enfield Council
      Euromoney plc
      Fairway Management Corporation, Canada
      Fife Council
      Fenchurch Street Railway Station
      Gosport Borough Council
      Great Ormond Street Hospital
      Guest Trust
      Hammersmith and Fulham Council
      Halifax High School
      Haringey Council
      Hastings Borough Council
      Highland Council
      Hillingdon Council
      Holborn Partnership BID
      House of Lords
      Intercontinental Hotels Group
      Inverurie Environmental Improvement Group
      IPC Group
      IPC Media
      Ipswich Council
      Islington Council
      Keep Britain Tidy
      Kingston Council
      Land Securities
      Limerick University
      Lisburn City Council
      Liverpool Street Station
      Lincoln Business Improvement Group
      Lloyds TSB
      London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames
      London Underground (20 Stations)
      Ludgate Hill City Link Railway
      Manchester Airport
      Manchester Council
      Markline Construction Ltd
      Mizuho Corporate Bank
      Orkney Council
      Preston Council
      Rank Group
      Reading University
      Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
      Richmond Borough Council
      Romany Works Business Park
      San Gwann Local Council Malta
      Shetland Islands Council
      States of Guernsey
      St Pierre's Port, Guernsey
      South Kesteven Council
      Southwark Council
      Surrey Heath Borough Council
      Swansea Council
      Tamworth Council
      Test Valley Council
      University Partnerships Programme
      University of Kent
      Vale of Glamorgan Council
      Vale Royal Council
      Wakefield Council
      Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
      Waltham Forest Council
      West Lothian Council
      Wolverhampton Council
      York City Council
      York College
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    Andrew Farish
    Andrew Farish Managing Director
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    Products and Services

    1. Anti Litter Bins
    2. Anti-Theft Cigarette Bins
    3. Architectural Street Furnishing
    4. Architectural Street Furnishings
    5. Ashtray
    6. Ashtrays
    7. Ashtrays Outdoors
    8. Base Mounted Cigarette Bins
    9. Bespoke Pavement Signs
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    11. Bespoke Street Furniture
    12. Bicycle Rack
    13. Bicycle Racks
    14. Bicycle Stands
    15. Bike Rack
    16. Bike Racks
    17. Bins
    18. Black Cigarette Bins
    19. Bolt Down Cigarette Bins
    20. Branded Pocket Ashtrays
    21. Brushed Steel Cigarette Bins
    22. Campaign Pocket Ashtrays
    23. Chewing Gum Bins
    24. Chewing Gum Protection
    25. Chewing Gum Removal
    26. Chewing Gum Remover
    27. Cigarette And Litter Bins
    28. Cigarette Bin
    29. Cigarette Bin Distributor
    30. Cigarette Bin Manufacturer
    31. Cigarette Bin With A4 Sign
    32. Cigarette Bins
    33. Cigarette Disposal
    34. Cigarette Disposal Bin
    35. Cigarette Disposal Bins
    36. Cigarette End Bins
    37. Cigarette Ends Bins
    38. Coloured Pocket Ashtrays
    39. Contemporary Cigarette Bins
    40. Council Bins
    41. Council Cigarette Bins
    42. Customised Promotional Ashtrays
    43. Cycle Hoops
    44. Cycle Parking
    45. Cycle Parking Design
    46. Cycle Parking Equipment
    47. Cycle Parking Manufacturer
    48. Cycle Parking Manufacturers
    49. Cycle Parking Manufacturing
    50. Cycle Parking Stands
    51. Cycle Rack
    52. Cycle Racks
    53. Cycle Security
    54. Durable Cigarette Bins
    55. Eco Friendly Pocket Ashtrays
    56. Environmentally Friendly Pocket Ashtrays
    57. EVA Pocket Ashtrays
    58. External Floor Graphics
    59. Festival Pocket Ashtrays
    60. Fixed Cigarette Bins
    61. Floor Graphic Signs
    62. Floor Graphics
    63. Floor Standing Ashtrays
    64. Floorstanding Cigarette Bins
    65. Free Standing Cigarette Bins
    66. Free-Standing Cigarette Bins
    67. Galvanised Cigarette Bins
    68. Generic Pocket Ashtrays
    69. Graphic Pavement Signs
    70. Groundskeeper Cigarette Bins
    71. Gum Board
    72. Heavy Duty Cigarette Bins
    73. High Capacity Cigarette Bins
    74. Litter Bins
    75. Low Cost Cigarette Bins
    76. Metal Ashtray
    77. Metal Ashtrays
    78. Minibin Pocket Ashtrays
    79. Modern Cigarette Bins
    80. Non Smoldering Cigarette Bins
    81. Outdoor Ashtray
    82. Outdoor Ashtray Distributer
    83. Outdoor Ashtray Manufacturer
    84. Outdoor Ashtray Supplier
    85. Outdoor Ashtrays
    86. Outdoor Ashtrays To Order
    87. Outdoor Cigarette Bins
    88. Outdoor Cigarette Waste Solutions
    89. Pavement Graphics
    90. Pavement Sign
    91. Pavement Sign Manufacturer
    92. Personalised Pocket Ashtrays
    93. Plastic Cigarette Bins
    94. Pocket Ashtray
    95. Pocket Ashtray With Lid
    96. Pocket Ashtrays
    97. Portable Ashtrays
    98. Post Mount Cigarette Bin
    99. Printed Floor Graphics
    100. Printed Pocket Ashtrays
    101. Printed Promotional Ashtrays
    102. Promotional Ashtrays
    103. Promotional Pocket Ashtrays
    104. Public Places Cigarette Bins
    105. Railing Mount Cigarette Bin
    106. Re-Usable Pocket Ashtrays
    107. Recycling & Waste Bins
    108. Recycling And Waste Management
    109. Safety Floor Graphic Signs
    110. Slimline Cigarette Bins
    111. Smell Proof Pocket Ashtrays
    112. Smokers Cigarette Bins
    113. Smokers Outdoor Ashtray
    114. Smokers Outdoor Ashtrays
    115. Smoking Ban Products
    116. Smoking Ban Solutions
    117. Smoking Control Products
    118. Smoking Signs
    119. Smoking Solutions
    120. Social Distancing Floor Graphics
    121. Soft Pocket Ashtrays
    122. St01 Cigarette Bin
    123. St02 Cigarette Bin
    124. St03 Cigarette Bin
    125. Stainless Steel Cigarette Bins
    126. Street Bins
    127. Street Cigarette Bins
    128. Street Cleansing Equipment
    129. Street Furnishing
    130. Street Furnishings
    131. Street Furniture
    132. Street Signage
    133. Stub Bins
    134. Stubs Cigarette Bins
    135. Sustainable Pocket Ashtrays
    136. Wall Mountable Ashtrays
    137. Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins
    138. Waste Bin
    139. Waste Bins
    140. Waste Management Services
    141. Weather Resistant Cigarette Bins
    142. Weighted Cigarette Bins

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