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Sun-X (UK) Ltd

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  • Minimise damage to fabrics, furnishings and art.
  • Glare, solar heat & glass breakage protection.
  • Over 40 years of experience.
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    Sun-X (UK) Ltd

    UK's Most Prestigious Suppliers & Installers of Window Film & Blinds

    Welcome to SUN-X your number one choice for Solar Tinted Window Film, Conservatory Solar Film, Glass Safety and much more... Wherever there is Glass to be found you can trust Sun-X to help with control against glare & gain, protection from breakages, and to control damage to fabrics, furnishings and works of art.

    Protect & control your workplace

    We can protect any workplace with a range of products from anti terrorist bomb blast window protection to Solar tinted Window Film, Sun-X help to protect people and control temperatures of the environment by providing Sun Blinds and Privacy Films.

    Solar Film, Safety Film, Sun Blinds, Privacy Films, Manifestation Film

    Conserve irreplaceable artifacts

    We also offer a service for museums where special Ultraviolet Filters and roller blinds can be provided, these are not for physical protection, instead they are classed as conservation products and are designed to protect and conserve artefacts from surface deterioration and fade damage

    Ultraviolet Filters and Traditional Roller Blinds

    We have o
    ver 40 years experience in supplying and installing solar tinted window film, Conservatory Solar Film, safety films, security films, ultraviolet filters, privacy films, manifestation films and traditional blinds. We help control solar gain, glare & heat loss, and provide safety & security in case of breakage. We work to British and European standards including BS6206, applicable to safety films for terrorist bomb blast protection.

    Conservatory Solar Film

    For a conservatory roof, Sun-X would usually recommend solar film over blinds for the following reasons:

    (1) Blinds absorb solar heat; film reflects heat away before it enters the room.
    (2) Blinds trap dirt and dust, and stain; film requires minimal cleaning with a damp cloth.
    (3) Blinds require continual drawing; film requires no further attention.
    (4) Blinds fabric is opaque; film is translucent, in varying colours and densities.
    (5) Blinds are considerably more expensive, and are less durable.

    As most of the sun�s energy will pass through the roof in a conservatory, a dark or medium density film will provide excellent solar heat and glare reduction, whilst sufficient light levels will be maintained via the vertical glazing. The darker and more reflective the film, the better the solar performance will be. This is especially the case on double-glazing, as a proportion of the reflected heat becomes trapped in the airspace of the sealed unit & re-radiates back into the room. However, there are now available very clear solar films, which are barely perceptible, but still offer a good degree of solar rejection.

    Sun-X does, however, manufacture and install blinds for conservatories, recommending them for either privacy concerns, or as a soft furnishing item. A full range of roller, vertical, Venetian, pleated, pinoleum and Roman blinds are available for installation nationwide. Also now available are INTU or Perfect-Fit systems which require no drilling, with the blinds fitting behind the rubber gaskets of the windows using unique components.

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