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Spectrum Metrology

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    Spectrum Metrology

    Welcome to Spectrum Metrology - Measurement Solutions

    Spectrum Metrology is a UK company specialising in providing measurement solutions to a range of inspection problems, from intricate features to heavy duty components we have a range of metrology products available. If you have a component or drawing causing you a measurement problem please send them to us.

    Distributor of electro-optical, surface roughness, contact and non-contact measurement equipment: - workshop surface roughness meters (Surtronic) - micro alignment telescopes - autocollimators - electronics levels - laser tracker accessories (stands and targetholders) - profile and measurement projectors - workshop video microscopes - non contact gauging.

    Our Product Range Includes:

    Workshop Surface Roughness

    Spectrum Metrology is the UK distributor for the Taylor Hobson range of workshop surface finish instruments, comprising:

    ...- Surtronic Duo: 5 parameter roughness meter for quick roughness assessments.
    ...- Surtronic 25: powerful workshop roughness measurement with multiple parameters
    ...- Form Talysurf Intra: high accuracy, portable, delivers form also surface finish measurements

    Electro Optical Metrology

    Spectrum Metrology is the technical support and repair agent to Taylor Hobson for their range of Alignment and Level Products, including:

    ...- Micro Alignment Telescopes
    ...- Precision electronic levels
    ...- Autocollimators
    ...- Precision Clinometers

    Non Contact Dimensional Metrology

    Spectrum Metrology offers the Schneider Messtecnik range of high quality optical metrology products in the UK, including:

    ...- Workshop Video Microscopes
    ...- Profile and Measurement Projectors
    ...- 3D Multi-sensor Measuring Machines
    ...- Video CAD
    ...- Shaft Measurement Machines

    Gauging & Transducers

    Spectrum Metrology sells a range of Solartron dimensional and positional transducers, offering the ultimate in high speed probing. Their high speed Orbit 3 networking system allows multiple probes to be connected in a single network card, including third party sensors.


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