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  • Leading Bespoke Fibreglass Moulding Designers
  • High Quality 3D Advertising Sculptures
  • Working With Most Materials
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    Spur Creative Workshop

    Bespoke Fibreglass Moulding Designers

    As specialists designers and manufacture of high quality props, sculptures and bespoke structures Spur Creative has the unique ability to create props that are quite literally out of this world.

    - Bespoke Fibreglass Moulds
    - Props
    - Fibreglass Casting
    - Scenic Painting
    - Paint effects
    - Paint Spraying
    - Polystyrene Carving
    - Soft Props
    - Wooden Structures
    - Giant Props
    - Metal Fabrication
    - Metal Sculpting

    Whether film or TV set, theatre, event, retail display or advertising, Spur Creative offers one of the most comprehensive high quality prop and sculpture design and manufacturing services so whatever your requirements and whatever your industry we will deliver on time and within your budget.

    Bespoke Fibreglass Mouldings
    Working over a diverse range of fibreglass mouldings Spur Creative has designed and manufactured everything, from giant rock faces and electric sheep to beautifully created theatre props.

    3D Advertising Sculptures
    A 3D advertising sculpture is one of our most requested products. They can be used to advertise almost anything, from the launch of a new film to a retail display.

    Spur Creative's sculpture designers vast experience and attention to detail enables them to create exactly what our customers imagined for their event, their advertising campaign or film set.

    Polystyrene Carving
    This process forms the cornerstone of our prop making work and is perfect for sculpting and creating large scale items including giant floor standing props, life size free standing props, vehicles and much more.

    Giant Sculptures
    From giant Halloween pumpkins and giant flowing taps for the Boat Show through to giant darts created to publicize an upcoming darts championship, over the years we have had the pleasure of working alongside some of advertising industry's biggest names.

    Bespoke Designers
    Every single piece of work we undertake and design is totally unique (bespoke) so we are always more than happy to discuss and advise on the best way forward in bringing your dreams to reality.

    To find out more about Spur Creative Workshop please visit our website or give us a call.

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    1. 3D Model Makers
    2. 3D Sculptures
    3. 3D Vehicle Sculptures
    4. Acrylic Displays
    5. Acrylic Promotional Products
    6. Adventure Park Displays
    7. Adventure Park Features
    8. Adventure Park Sculptures
    9. Advertising Display
    10. Architectural Models
    11. Arena Displays
    12. Art Gallery Displays
    13. Artwork Fabrication
    14. Bespoke Display Makers
    15. Bespoke Displays
    16. Bespoke Exhibition Design
    17. Bespoke Fibreglass
    18. Bespoke Models
    19. Bespoke Point Of Sale Model
    20. Business Firework Displays
    21. Character Sculptures
    22. Colour Displays
    23. Corporate Promotional Products
    24. Creative Exhibition Solutions
    25. Custom Displays
    26. Custom Fibreglass
    27. Custom Fibreglass Moulders
    28. Custom Made Acrylic Displays
    29. Display
    30. Display And POS - Make And Design
    31. Display Design
    32. Display Design And Fabrication
    33. Display Manufacturer
    34. Display Models
    35. Display Products
    36. Display System
    37. Display Systems
    38. Displays Exhibition
    39. Displays Exhibition Uk
    40. Displays Systems
    41. EL Makers
    42. Event Firework Displays
    43. Exhibition & Events
    44. Exhibition & Retail Graphics
    45. Exhibition Design
    46. Exhibition Design And Build
    47. Exhibition Display
    48. Exhibition Display Designers
    49. Exhibition Display Solutions
    50. Exhibition Displays
    51. Exhibition Furniture
    52. Exhibition Models
    53. Exhibition Modular Displays
    54. Exhibition Modular Systems
    55. Exhibition Props
    56. Exhibition Services
    57. Exhibition Solutions
    58. Exhibition Stand Displays
    59. Exhibition Structures
    60. Exhibitions
    61. Exhibitions Sculptures
    62. Fairground Displays
    63. Fairground Sculptures
    64. Fibre Glass Displays
    65. Fibre Glass Features
    66. Fibre Glass Promotional Products
    67. Fibre Glass Props
    68. Fibre Glass Sculptures
    69. Fibreglass
    70. Fibreglass Consultants
    71. Fibreglass Custom Moulders
    72. Fibreglass Fabricators
    73. Fibreglass Platforms
    74. Fibreglass Production
    75. Fibreglass Products
    76. Fibreglass Sculptures
    77. Fibreglass Slides
    78. Fibreglass Specialists
    79. Fibreglass Theme Park Rides
    80. Film And Tv Props
    81. Floor Display
    82. Floor Standing Displays
    83. Floor Standing Sculptures
    84. Formwork/Mould Making
    85. Free Standing 3D Props
    86. Free Standing Sculptures
    87. Giant Sculptures
    88. Glass Shop Display
    89. Glass Shop Displays
    90. Glass Shop Window
    91. Indoor Adventure Play Areas
    92. Kids Sculptures
    93. Large Models
    94. Large Point Of Sale Models
    95. Large Scale Model Makers
    96. Large Sculptures
    97. Life Size Sculptures
    98. Mechanical Models
    99. Merchandising Displays
    100. Mobile Point Of Sale Models
    101. Model Makers
    102. Modular Display Stands
    103. Modular Theatre
    104. Mould Making
    105. Mouldmaking
    106. Outdoor Displays
    107. Outdoor Exhibitions
    108. Plastic Animals
    109. Plastic Promotional Products
    110. Plastic Sculpture Design
    111. Polythene Sculptures
    112. Popup Displays
    113. Product Models
    114. Products Promotional
    115. Promotional
    116. Promotional Advertising Characters
    117. Promotional Advertising Products
    118. Promotional Cakes
    119. Promotional Caricatures
    120. Promotional Crayons
    121. Promotional Displays
    122. Promotional Events
    123. Promotional Features
    124. Promotional Films
    125. Promotional Firework Displays
    126. Promotional Garments
    127. Promotional Goods
    128. Promotional Ideas
    129. Promotional Items
    130. Promotional Marketing Services
    131. Promotional Mechandise
    132. Promotional Product
    133. Promotional Products
    134. Promotional Sculptures
    135. Promotional Stands
    136. Promotional Toys
    137. Prop Hire
    138. Prop Maker Prop Makers
    139. Prop Makers
    140. Props
    141. Retail Promotional Models
    142. Retail Shop Display
    143. Retail Shop Displays
    144. Scale Models
    145. Sculptures
    146. Shop Counter Display
    147. Shop Interiors
    148. Shop Window Display
    149. Shop Window Displays
    150. Shop Window Graphics
    151. Shopfitting Products
    152. Show Props
    153. Show Sculptures
    154. Television Props
    155. Theater Props
    156. Theatre
    157. Theatre Features
    158. Theatre Models
    159. Theatre Props
    160. Theatre Sculptures
    161. Theatre Supplies
    162. Theatres
    163. Theatrical Props
    164. Vehicle Sculptures
    165. Water Park Features
    166. Water Park Models
    167. Water Park Sculptures
    168. Water Parks
    169. Waterpark Display Design
    170. Waterpark Displays
    171. Window Displays
    172. Workshops
    173. Zoo Displays
    174. Zoo Sculptures

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