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    Stertil UK Ltd

    Operating on a worldwide scale Stertil are specialists in the development, manufacture and supply of superior Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts, Industrial and Commercial Doors and world class Loading Bay Dock solutions.

    Stertil has an extremely strong track record in providing a broad spectrum of industrial sectors with highly efficient and cost effective solutions to meet their specific needs some of which include the shipbuilding, telecommunications and petrochemical sectors.

    We have a strong and highly dedicated team ready to provide you with the perfect solution to meet your needs whether its loading bay docks or vehicle lifting systems. This supply service is further backed by our extensive service organisation.

    The Stertil Divisions include:

    � Stertil Koni
    � Stertil Dock
    � Stertil Door

    Steril Koni

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    Superior Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts
    As the global market leader for heavy duty vehicle lifts Stertil Koni offers two superior systems being the `Mid Range 4 Post Lift` and the `Ultra 4 Post Lifts`.

    Stertil Mid Range 4 Post Lifts
    The ST4120 4 Post Lift has been specifically developed to accommodate trucks, vans and forklift trucks including three wheel forklifts with the benefit of the three platform option.

    The adjustable ramp platforms are also available from 4.5m to 10m in length so all outcomes are catered for when it comes to vehicle size.

    Stertil Koni Ultra 4 Post
    For extreme heavy duty vehicle applications the `Ultra 4 Post Platform Lifts` from Stertil Koni benefit from a unique crossbeam free construction which allows for maximum height lifting.

    Constructed with minimum moving components the Koni Ultra 4 Post also requires less servicing and maintenance making this piece of equipment a truly economical option for heavy duty vehicle work.
    Steril Dock Products

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    World Class Loading Bay Dock Solutions
    Synonymous with superior loading bay dock solutions Stertil Dock is a specialist in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Loading Bay Equipment and Industrial Door Systems.

    Telescopic Lip Levellers
    Stertil offers the X-Series Telescopic Dock Leveller system which is extremely practical in every way and has been designed to provide fast, accurate and efficient loading and unloading.

    Available in a range of lengths of up to 1000mm the X-Series is easy to operate with simple controls and goes into action with just the push of a button.

    Inflatable Dock Shelter
    For temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres the Inflatable Dock Shelters from Stertil will seal against summer heat, winter cold, draughts, insects and dust.

    It incorporates optimal temperature control, airtight sealing, flexibility and has been constructed from highly durable materials and components.

    Steril Door Products

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    Stertil Door Products
    The doors supplied, installed, commissioned and serviced by Stertil Door are suitable for many industrial and commercial applications.

    They also come in a wide range of models with an equally wide range of options. This makes it and extremely attractive investment when looking for the best solution for your loading and unloading bay applications.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of industrial and commercial Vehicle Lift, Loading Bay Dock and Door solutions from The Stertil Group so please visit the website to find out more.

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