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    Strong Telecoms

    With Strong Telecoms as your phone system supplier you not only get a fantastic reliable phone system from global providers, but you also get the advice and support from a small company that are on hand to help you at all times.

    In the modern era of seamless communication every connection counts. The business landscape is fast paced, to stay ahead you need to embrace the latest technologies. It's time to revolutionize the way you communicate, are you ready? Our cutting-edge telephone systems are exactly what you need to elevate your business to new heights of communication.

    Why Choose Strong Telecoms?

    There is no aggressive sales pitch, 7 years contacts or leaving you to it after the contracts are signed... signing with us gives you long term ongoing support and honest advice.

    Great Service
    Our clients are everything to us, service is what we build our reputation on. There's no waiting in call centre queues for hours, our support calls are always answered quickly.

    We are independent and use a range of phone providers to choose the best systems for each clients individual needs. Strong Telecoms are not a corporate giant, we are a local business that cares about our customers and works closely with them to provide the best service possible.

    Honest Advice
    Our experienced team at Strong Telecoms will only provide the right services that you require, you won't find a sales team trying to sell you what you don't need. We build long term relationships built around trust and honest advice.

    Business Phone Systems

    With over 20 years of industry expertise why not let Strong Telecoms be your trusted business phone systems advisor. We specialise in providing independent and personalised guidance to ensure each client has the perfect communication solution for their specific needs.

    First we will optimise your connectivity by navigating the complexities of the telecoms market, then we will find the perfect business VOIP phone system for your requirements.

    Broadband for Business

    Strong Telecoms will transition your company into a world of lightning-fast and reliable internet connectivity with our high speed broadband for business solutions. Each broadband package is precisely tailored to your needs with scalable bandwidth, robust security features and dedicated customer support. Open doors to growth and new opportunities with high speed, uninterrupted connectivity.

    Business Mobile Deals

    Our business mobile deals are meticulously designed to ensure your workforce are highly productive and seamlessly connected while on the move. From flexible contracts to unlimited data options and the very best business grade support, you can rest assured the team at Strong Telecoms will search the market to identify the optimal business mobile deal for your requirements.

    Phone Systems for Remote Working

    Now hybrid and remote working has become a normal part of the job for many companies our specialist remote working phone systems are essential. Our remote working phone systems will allow outbound calls, customers to contact you and calls to be transferred to each other.

    We offer a phone app called Mobex which can be installed on basically any mobile, using the internet it is able to receive and make calls using your landline numbers making it an ideal option for remote working.

    WhatsApp for Business

    WhatsApp for Business is not only a remarkable platform when it comes to connecting with customers but it also provides you with a distinct phone number that is completely separate from your personal one. WhatsApp is a widely used secure messaging systems, WhatsApp for Business is a tailored rendition that has been intricately crafted to cater solely for the needs of businesses.

    Benefits of WhatsApp for Business:

    - Set up multiple users
    - Separate personal / business accounts and phone numbers
    - Messages can be received from all social media campaigns
    - Easy management software
    - Missed message reports

    Door Entry Systems

    We are also able to provide a range of cutting-edge door entry systems that redefine access control. Our door entry systems guarantee the security of your business or property whilst also providing a seamless entry experience. Our selection of door entry systems offer video entry, card entry, keypad entry or all 3 combined.

    Our team are always on hand to assist you with any enquiries you may have, please get in touch with a member of our team who will offer you honest, friendly advice whenever you need it.

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