Stuart Canvas Ltd

Stuart Canvas Ltd

Unit 6, Hardwick Grange, Woolston
Warrington Cheshire

  • Ready-made and bespoke sports covers
  • 60,000sqft of purpose-built manufacturing facilities
  • Exports to over 25 countries
  • UK Supplier
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    Stuart Canvas Ltd

    Over 50 Years Exoerience

    Stuart Canvas is one of the UK s leading manufacturers of bespoke covers and to date supplies to a wide range of sectors in over twenty five countries.

    45 Years of Expertise - Trusted Around the World
    We can design and manufacture covers for any purpose and any sector from a one off through to thousands.

    - Cricket Products
    - Sports Covers
    - Tennis covers
    - Bespoke Industrial Covers
    - Haulage Covers
    - Home & Leisure Covers

    Cricket Products
    We supply the largest variety of cricket ground equipment designed and manufactured to cover every level of the game, from County and School to Test and Club level.

    Cricket flat sheet covers, mobile cricket covers, mobile batting cages and sightscreens are just a small sample of the Stuart Canvas cricket range of quality products.

    Sports Covers
    We have been at the very forefront in the supply of covers to the sporting community for many years. We have the expertise to design and produce sports covers to meet any sporting environment some of which include motorsport, volleyball, boxing, football, golf, extreme sports and more.

    We also specialise in inflatable covers so if you think you may need a bespoke cover for a special event or other please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Tennis Covers
    Stuart Canvas supplies tennis cover products all over the world including Wimbledon. This service includes indoor netting, inflatable covers and debris covers through to court nets and even umpire chairs.

    Organisations around the world have come to trust the great products we supply, one being The Lawn Tennis Association who we supply tournament tennis covers to.

    Bespoke Industrial Covers
    With over 45 years of experience in this sector we are confident we can make a cover to match your specific needs. Your industrial cover will be designed, made to measure and manufactured to order.

    We also offer a highly efficient installation service!

    Haulage Covers
    Stuart Canvas offers a fast and efficient service for hauliers and what's more at a competitive price. From container covers, netting and filter sheets to rollover sheets, we have the capabilities to manufacture any type of haulage cover for any type of application.

    We also own established brands A&J Bennett and Mudfords below is some information about our other companies and links to their websites:

    A & J Bennett Ltd - Bennett Covers
    Since 1980 Bennett Covers has been providing a high quality range of bespoke industrial tarpaulins as well as trailer curtains and sports equipment.

    Bespoke Trailer Curtains
    Load bearing curtains, poles, straps, tensioners and ratchets.

    Sports Tarpaulins & Equipment
    Golf netting, padded flooring, cricket pitch covers and more.

    Factory Screens
    Any size or application we will meet your precise factory screen needs.

    Retractable Tunnels
    emi-permanent for storage, workshops, paint spray booths, quarantine areas.

    Bennett Covers

    Visit A&J Bennett Ltd

    . .
    Mudfords - Suppliers to Industry, Transport and Construction

    Mudfords is a well-known manufacturer and merchant specialising in a vast range of tried and tested products covering areas such as industrial, construction, janitorial and fall arrest equipment.

    - Lifting and Restraint
    - Rope and Cord
    - Tarpaulins and Nets
    - Packaging
    - PPE and Workwear

    As with all our products we offer a straight forward no-nonsense service.

    Custom Made
    As well as the range of purpose made products we manufacture Mudfords also offers a comprehensive customisation service guaranteed to fulfil our customers expectations so if you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Mudfords Ltd
    Visit Mudfords Limited

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    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Aggregate Bay Covers
    2. Bag Ties
    3. Bags
    4. Batting Cage Netting
    5. Batting Cages
    6. Bespoke Canopies
    7. Bespoke Covers
    8. Blocks
    9. Boundary Ropes
    10. Brushes
    11. Bulk Pile Storage
    12. Bypass Arrows
    13. Chains And Hooks
    14. Cleaning Fluids
    15. Cleaning Rags
    16. Corner Protectors
    17. Corrugated Cardboard
    18. Cover Accessories
    19. Cricket Accessories
    20. Cricket Covers
    21. Cricket Electronic Scoreboard
    22. Cricket Netting
    23. Cricket Sightscreens
    24. Domed Mobile Covers
    25. Dust Sheets
    26. Electronic Scoreboards
    27. Equestrian Frost Covers
    28. Equine Railing Covers
    29. EquipmentCovers
    30. Eye Protection
    31. Factory Screens
    32. Fall Arrest
    33. Fence Covers
    34. Filter Sheets
    35. First Aid
    36. Flat Sheet Covers
    37. Floor Druggets
    38. Football Germination Sheets
    39. Football Ground Frost Covers
    40. Footwear
    41. Frost Protection
    42. Furniture Covers
    43. Garden Covers
    44. Gazebo Covers
    45. Gazebo Sides
    46. Germination Sheets
    47. Gloves
    48. Golf Buggy Covers
    49. Ground Accessories
    50. Ground Covers
    51. Haulage Covers
    52. Haulage Load Straps
    53. Head Protection
    54. Hi-Vis Clothing
    55. Hot Tub Covers
    56. IBCs
    57. Indoor Netting
    58. Industrial Aprons
    59. Industrial Curtains
    60. Inflatable Horse Shelter
    61. Inflatable Tennis Covers
    62. Innovative Handling Covers
    63. Inspection Pit Covers
    64. Lashing Systems
    65. Lifting Slings
    66. Load Restraints
    67. Machine Covers
    68. Man Made Rope
    69. Market Stall Covers
    70. Masks And Respiratory
    71. Military Covers
    72. Military Equipment Covers
    73. Military Plant Covers
    74. Military Vehicle Covers
    75. Mobile Batting Cages
    76. Mobile Cricket Covers
    77. Modular Building Covers
    78. Natural Fibre Rope
    79. Nets
    80. Pallet Covers
    81. Paper Products
    82. Plastering
    83. Players Retractable Tunnels
    84. Pole Pads
    85. Polythene Bags
    86. Portable Scoreboards
    87. PPE
    88. Practice Nets
    89. Protection Pads
    90. Racing Frost Covers
    91. Racking Covers
    92. Ratchet Straps
    93. Retractable Tunnels
    94. Rollover Sheets
    95. Sandbags
    96. Scaffolding Supplies
    97. Scoreboards
    98. Segregation Netting
    99. Sightscreens
    100. Skip Covers
    101. Skip Nets
    102. Spill Kit
    103. Sports Scoreboards
    104. Stillage Covers
    105. Swimming Pool Covers
    106. Tarpaulins
    107. Temporary Structures
    108. Tennis Court Covers
    109. Tennis Indoor Backdrops
    110. Tennis Nets
    111. Tennis Posts
    112. Tennis Umpire Chair
    113. Tension Curtains
    114. Tools
    115. Traditional Scoreboards
    116. Traffic Light Covers
    117. Trailer Cover
    118. Trailer Curtains
    119. Trailer Netting
    120. Truck Sheeting
    121. Twine Bags
    122. Veterinary Screen
    123. Volleyball Covers
    124. Warehousing Covers
    125. Welding Screens
    126. Wicket Protection Matting
    127. Windbreaks
    128. Window Cleaner
    129. Winter Products
    130. Workwear

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