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  • Extensive range of quality fluid system products
  • Swagelok assemblies, enclosures & panels
  • Onsite inspection services
  • Extensive range of quality fluid system products
  • Swagelok assemblies, enclosures & panels
  • Onsite inspection services
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Swagelok Scotland

Swagelok Product & Services

We are the exclusive sales and service centre for Swagelok in Scotland, North East England and Ireland. We have been providing an extensive range of fluid system products and services for over 30 years and are recognised as experts in our field.

Whether a multinational corporation or a local plant operation, our customers benefit from the expertise and resources of working with a global organisation. Swagelok Scotland, Teesside and Ireland provide products, solutions and services that are most helpful and relevant to our customers challenges.

To support our inventory of fluid system components, Swagelok Scotland, Teesside and Ireland offers a growing range of services including training, eBusiness and integrated services such as inventory management solutions and assembly services, onsite inspection services, equipment and tool hire and supply chain optimisation. With an extensive inventory of products for immediate delivery, this allows Swagelok to provide high quality products and an exceptional service to our customers.

Swagelok Fittings

From high-purity fittings designed to minimize particle generation and entrapment to high-strength fittings designed to hold high pressure, Swagelok products deliver dependable, leak-tight performance.

Whether you need fittings for corrosive environments or extreme temperatures or fittings to maintain vacuum or withstand high pressure, contact Swagelok.

The Swagelok fittings available include:

- Tube fittings and tube adapters
- Medium- and High- Pressure Fittings and Adapters
- B-Type VCO L-Ring Seal Fittings
- Biopharm Fittings
- Dielectric Fittings
- Flange to Swagelok Tue Fittings
- PFA Fine Thread Flare Fittings
- Pipe Fittings
- Vacuum Fittings
- VCO O-Ring Face Seal
- VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal
- Weld Fittings

Swagelok Medium and High Pressure Products

Swagelok's medium and high pressure valves, fittings, and fluid-control devices are engineered to handle all the pressure that comes your way. Create strong, reliable connections faster even in high-risk, high-vibration environments. Swagelok delivers high-quality performance when the pressure is at its highest. Our medium and high pressure products include:

- Medium and High Pressure Ball Valves
- Medium and High Pressure Check Valves
- Medium and High Pressure Relief Valves
- Medium and High Pressure Needle Valves
- Medium and High Pressure Fittings
- Medium and High Pressure Adapters
- Medium and High Pressure Tubing

Swagelok Valves

You can rely on Swagelok for leak-tight, long lasting valves for your critical applications. Known for durability, Swagelok Valves perform as promised even after years of use in demanding applications.

We rigorously test every valve and end connection we make for quality and performance so you can be confident they deliver unparalleled value and low total cost of ownership.

Swagelok Valves include:

- Ball valves
- Bellows Sealed valves
- Bleed and purge valves
- Check valves
- Diaphragm-sealed valves
- Excess flow valves
- Metering valves
- Relief Valves
- Needle Shutoff and Regulating Valves
- Process Interface Valves
- Medium- and High- Pressure Ball Valves
- Medium- and High- Pressure Check Valves
- Medium- and High- Pressure Relief Valves
- Medium- and High- Pressure Needle Valves
- Sample Stream Select Actuated
- Manifolds
- Quarter Turn Plug
- Valve Locks

Available with:

- A wide variety of end connections, including gauge-able Swagelok tube fittings
- Broad working pressure and temperature ranges
- Standard and special cleaning options for high-purity and ultrahigh-purity applications

Swagelok Hoses & Flexible Tubing

Swagelok hose and flexible tubing is available in custom lengths, in diameters 2 inches and under, and with a wide variety of end connections. Choose materials and end connections for a wide range of pressures and temperatures:

- Multiple-layered flexible conduit hose
- Single-layered flexible conduit tubing
- Static and dynamic applications
- Vacuum service to working pressures up to 6000 psig (413 bar)
- ECE R110-approved hoses available

Swagelok Regulators

Reliable pressure control is essential to the safe operation of your fluid systems.

At Swagelok, we have the right combination of regulators to fit any situation, and our experts can help you design a configuration that will maintain pressure and minimize droop over a wide range of pressures and flows. Our regulator range includes:

- Back pressure and pressure-reducing models
- Spring, dome, and air-loaded models
- Vaporizing models
- Gas cylinder changeover model

Swagelok Regulator Assemblies
Regulator assemblies from Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland provide the most frequently requested configurations for gas bottle or inline service utilising K-Series pressure reducing regulators. Click to find out more.

Swagelok Quick Connects

Connect quickly and with confidence. Swagelok offers a variety of quick-connect fittings that enable quick, simple operation without twisting, turning, or wrenching.

Engineered to minimize spillage and air inclusion, our quick-connects are available in a wide range of configurations, stem and body connectors, including single-end shutoff and double-end shutoff models, and an array of end connections.

Models include:

- Full-Flow
- Instrumentation
- Miniature
- PTFE-Sealed

Swagelok Measurement Devices

Swagelok offers easy-to-operate and easy-to-read gauges, transducers, sensors, and flowmeters that provide accurate readings on demand.

Flow Sensors
FV4 Series Flow Sensors help identify increasing or decreasing flow in gas systems. The snap-action float provides positive actuation for accurate sensing.

Pressure Gauges
Swagelok gauges provide accurate pressure measurement for industrial, ultrahigh-purity, and sanitary applications. They are offered in a wide range of pressure ranges, dial sizes, connections, mountings, and options to support a wide range of customer requirements.

Tube Adapter Pressure Gauges
Swagelok tube adapters can help eliminate difficult alignment problems and can be used with any Swagelok tube fitting. When installing a gauge with a pipe fitting end connection, it is often difficult to align the dial to the desired position without damaging the gauge.

Pressure Transducers
Swagelok pressure transducers provide accurate electronic pressure monitoring for industrial applications. Transducers are offered in a wide range of pressure ranges, process connections, electrical connectors, and output signals to support a wide range of customer requirements.

Thermometers, Dampened-Movement Bimetal Thermometers
Swagelok thermometers are actuated by a bimetal helix coil. Silicone-free gel inserts dampen vibration effects, and cases are hermetically sealed in accordance with ASME B40.200 to prevent fogging and moisture damage to internal components.

Thermowells are recommended to protect Swagelok dampened-movement bimetal thermometers from damage that could result from contact with pressurized, corrosive, flowing, viscous, or abrasive process fluids. They also enable removal of thermometers for replacement or service without affecting the process or system.

Variable Area Flowmeters
Swagelok variable area flowmeters measure the flow rate of liquids and gases help you maintain stable fluid flow for process accuracy.

Smart Products
Smart products capture and report critical flow, temperature, and pressure of process samples destined for process analyzers. They provide a window into your sampling system that can help maintain analyzer uptime.

Swagelok Tubing

Swagelok tubing meets or exceeds industry standards in a wide range of sizes, forms, and alloys. Insulated tubing maintains stable temperatures, while jacketed tubing provides protection from harsh elements. Trace tubing helps maintain consistency in sampling applications.

Our tube cutting and preparation tools help you cut, bend, or deburr tubing for repeatable results and leak-tight performance. The Swagelok Tubing and Tube Accessories range includes:

- Tubing
- Spare parts and accessories for Swagelok tubing
- Swagelok tubing support system
- Tube benders
- Tube cutting and preparation

Swagelok Filters

Contaminants can lead to off-spec products and other problems downstream, but Swagelok Filters can help. If your operations require the removal of liquid or particulate contaminants, turn to Swagelok Filters for reliable, repeatable results.

- Coalescing/particle, inline-particulate, tee-type particulate and high purity filters
- Available for liquid and gas service
- Wide variety of filter elements materials and nominal pore sizes

Swagelok Welding System

For projects requiring a consistent, safe, and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touch-screen operation.

The Swagelok orbital welding system provides repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities streamline documentation for easy adherence to industry requirements.

- Cost effective and reliable gas tungsten arc welds
- Lightweight, portable power supply
- Selection of weld heads
- Variety of tools and accessories

Swagelok Sample Cylinders

In transport, you need to be confident that the integrity of your product will be protected.

Swagelok offers a wide selection of sample cylinders that meet DOT, Transport Canada and TPED standards for transportation of chemicals. These cylinders feature consistent wall thickness, smooth internal neck transitions for easy cleaning, and heavy-wall connections that resist flaring.

- Single- and double-ended and miniature styles
- Sizes from 10 to 3785 cm (1 gal)
- 304L, 316, 316L, and Alloy 400
- Working pressures up to 5000 psig (344 bar)
- Variety of options including integral valves, outage tubes, and specialty coatings

Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems
Grab Sampling Systems assembled locally by our team of certified technicians and engineers provide an accurate and efficient means for capturing a representative gas or liquid sample from pipelines, tanks or systems and transporting to the lab for analysis.

We understand the need for safe, reliable, compatible and customisable grab sample systems. Our experienced Assembly Services team can work with you to design a unit to suit your sampling requirements utilising standard designs that are configurable and flexible. You also have peace of mind that you are working with one supplier for all the components. Click to find out more about the Grab Sample Systems that are available from Swagelok.

Swagelok Leak Detectors, Lubricants and Sealants

Swagelok makes it easy to detect, eliminate, and even avoid leaks before they impact system performance.

- Loop Liquid Leak Detectors indicate leakage with bubbling action.
- For sealing pipe, choose Swak Pipe Thread Sealants or PTFE Tape.
- Goop Thread Lubricants make assembling pipe easier

Assembly Services

From simple to complex, Swagelok Scotland have the skills, tools and products available to assemble and test sub-systems.

- Assembled by Swagelok certified installers
- Assembly backed by the Swagelok limited lifetime warranty
- Technical support and industry knowledge assures efficiency in product selection and reduced footprint
- Only the highest quality components
- 3D CAD capabilities
- Fully tested and certified prior to delivery

Take advantage of our experienced assembly technicians, who can work alongside your teams to design, assemble and test a solution to meet your needs. Some of our assembly solutions include:

- Grab sampling systems
- Mechanical seal support systems
- Regulator assemblies
- Gas Distribution panels

Swagelok Onsite Inspection Services

Swagelok offer a range of Onsite Inspection Services aimed at increasing system safety and improving operational efficiency by system optimisation and elimination of costly leakage. All Inspectors are certified by Swagelok and have been selected based on their extensive experience of fluid system design, assembly and maintenance.

Swagelok provide you with a method of proactively managing your assets, increasing integrity of your fluid systems and management of associated costs.

Our aim is to strengthen performance and efficiency by providing a high-impact report which will assist in planned maintenance and opportunities for system optimisation and improvement.

Our team of certified inspectors provide the following onsite inspection services:

- Small Bore Tubing (SBT) Inspection
- Hose Advisory Service (HAS)
- Analytical System Evaluation

Swagelok Training Services

Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland provide industry leading training from our state of the art training academies in Aberdeen and Teesside.

Our Swagelok and ECITB certified instructors combine theory and practical content to equip your team to work safer and smarter leading to savings in terms of rework, etc.

We offer a wide range of courses plus bespoke packages to meet your training needs:

- Swagelok Small Bore Tube Fitting Installation
- ECITB Stage 1 SBT01, SBT02, SBT03
- ECITB Stage 3 Technical Tests TSBT01, TSBT02 & TSBT03
- ECITB MJI10, MJI18, MJI19, MJI10/19, MJI10/19/18
- Tube Bending Essentials
.- Thread Identification Essentials
- Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Essentials
- Swagelok VCR Fitting Installation Essentials
- Hose Essentials
- Materials Selection
- Swagelok M200 Orbital Welding
- Swagelok MHSU Operation and Maintenance
- Process Analyser Sampling System (PASS)
- Process Analyser Sampling System (PASS) SubSystems
- Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM)

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five stars
C.Darwood, Shell UK Exploration and Production

Swagelok provided truly world class and unbiased training for the ECITB SBT certified qualifications. The training facility and instruction are exemplary. The blend of theoretical and practical exercises used in the courses provide the necessary technical skills along with grounding to appreciate the importance and intricacies of the use of fitting small bore tubing fasteners.

five stars
Kevin Beaumont, Asset55

The course was really informative and the instructor who ran the course is a great down to earth hands-on person, rather than someone who has read a lot of books and tries to teach. I found the course really helpful and answered a lot of questions I had.

five stars

Overall the course was excellent. The instructor was very engaging and had great knowledge of the topic to share. I feel I have gained significant knowledge and practical skills that I look forward to putting into practice.

five stars

I thought the course was very effective and has clearly been finely tuned to the point that few improvements could be made.

five stars
Mike Boyes, Ocean Kinetics Technical Director

We are constantly seeking opportunities to increase our competency and skills base. By utilising Swagelok to train our technicians, we are ensuring both the highest standards and industry recognition.

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