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    Welcome To Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware

    Over the last 60 years, Harfield have been the UK�s leading manufacturer of polycarbonate tableware.

    Our focus is to ensure that we continue to offer you the very highest quality products, with the very best service. Innovation is at the very heart of everything we do. We are always working with our customers to bring to market products that meet their needs.

    As the trusted tableware supplier to education, early years, healthcare, Horeca and justice sectors, our comprehensive range of products meets many varied needs from these demanding sectors where safety, functionality, style, value and performance are paramount.

    We are associate members of HCA, LACA and ASSIST and work closely with these organisations and their members.

    The current trend for on-the-go dining has led to us introducing a new range of bowls, lids, cloches, compartment boxes and transport boxes to meet this need. Some of these products have come from our EPIQ partners. EPIQ is the leading alliance of European manufacturers of quality plastic tableware. We are all committed to exceeding expectations, delivering the finest products and manufacturing in Europe.

    Brexit has made this partnership crucial to supporting customers and partners and we are delighted that this relationship continues to go from strength to strength. The environmental impact of plastic is at the centre of many of our customers� decision making. Harfield have always supplied reusable and recyclable products that have been welcomed by our customers as tried and tested replacement options for disposable products. The environmental impact of disposables and finding alternative solutions to this problem has focussed our planning for new products. Our coffee cup, dessert pot, and compartment boxes are new products that are helping to save the planet and save our customers money.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you on finding innovative solutions to your needs, whether it is from our existing range, from one of our EPIQ partners or a completely new product. We want to hear from you! Our friendly and helpful customers service team will be delighted to help you. Please contact us on 0161 477 5678 between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. You can email us at [email protected] or visit our website for the very latest information and some special offers www.harfieldtableware.co.uk.

    Please take a look at our Downloads page where you will find all of our catalogues, brochures and flyers.

    Harfield's Virtually Unbreakable Tableware Video

    As well as to the general public we supply the following:
    Education - School Meals, Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs

    The majority of our products are ideal for use in the school meal service. Our education products are manufactured for pupils of all ages from primary schools through to university. The age of the pupil will determine the size of the product that you require.

    We also understand that allergens can be a big problem in the education sector, Harfield help counter this by offering a wide range of colours making it easy for you to colour code and cater to everyone's dietary needs.


    Our early years tableware products are available in a wide selection of bright attractive colours, which is perfect for nursery children. As they will not break, shatter or splinter if dropped, knocked over or even thrown by a toddler there are no safety issues whatsoever.

    Healthcare - Hospitals and Care Homes

    Our healthcare range consists of safer, durable, hydration and dining solutions in an appealing range of colours for general and specialist healthcare; for example, children�s wards, mental health, dementia care.

    We also offer an extensive range of Antibacterial products. This range was created in response to the need to do more to tackle disease-causing bacteria such as MRSA, Pseudomonas, E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria. We provide schools, nurseries, hospitals, nursing and care homes and other catering environments with a choice to further protect those vulnerable to infection and to provide peace of mind.


    Our innovative ranges of display ware and trays, both can be personalised with your branding. Enjoy the look and feel of slate or natural wood without the cleaning, breakage and hygiene issues. We can enhance your customer experience, build your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.


    Our plastic tableware products are ideal for use in spas, leisure centres, parties, barbecues, picnics, caravanning and camping trips etc. This is mainly due to the fact that most of our products are made from polycarbonate which is virtually unbreakable and they are lightweight which means they can be easily carried.


    Crockery or other products, which when broken leave sharp edges, are not advisable in the justice sector. The wide variety of colours enables each wing to have a different colour.

    At Harfield We Promise:

    Unrivalled product performance
    Our polycarbonate products are virtually unbreakable and will not chip, shatter or splinter

    100% availability
    All listed products are in stock and available for next day delivery.

    A greener tableware solution
    Our products are 100% recyclable and made in the UK helping you reduce your carbon footprint and therefore helping save the environment.

    Total flexibility
    No minimum order quantities � order what you need, not full box quantities. If you only want one then you only need order one!

    Friendly sales representatives
    Our sales representatives are available to advise and assist with product selection or to resolve a technical or operational product query.

    Ease of ordering
    To place an order please contact our sales office at [email protected] or alternatively you can call us on 0161 477 5678.

    Our business hours are 8.30am to 4pm.

    For help or advice or to receive a free copy of our full product catalogue,
    please call our sales office on 0161 477 5678

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 16:30
    Tuesday 08:30 to 16:30
    Wednesday 08:30 to 16:30
    Thursday 08:30 to 16:30
    Friday 08:30 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    Direct Debit

    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 30 days
    Key Personnel
    Carol Moodie
    Carol Moodie Head of Marketing
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    Products and Services

    1. Advance Catering Equipment
    2. Airline Catering
    3. Alcohol Dispensers
    4. Ale Dispenser
    5. Ale Dispensers
    6. Anti Pasti Trays
    7. Anti Slip Tray
    8. Antibacterial Range
    9. Antibacterial Tableware
    10. Baking Trays
    11. Bar Catering Equipment
    12. BBQ Trays
    13. Beaker
    14. Beer Jug
    15. Beer Tray
    16. Beer Trays
    17. Board Trays
    18. Bottle Lids
    19. Bowl
    20. Bowls
    21. Branded Mug
    22. Branded Mugs
    23. Branded Mug
    24. Branded Mugs
    25. Branded Products
    26. Branded Teaspoons
    27. Branded Travel Mugs
    28. Butchers Trays
    29. Buy Catering Equipment
    30. Camping Equipment
    31. Care Home Supplies
    32. Catering & Cakes
    33. Catering Accessories
    34. Catering Display Equipment
    35. Catering Disposables
    36. Catering Equipment
    37. Catering Equipment Accessories
    38. Catering Equipment Coffee
    39. Catering Equipment Company
    40. Catering Equipment Distributors
    41. Catering Equipment Manufacture
    42. Catering Equipment Manufacturer
    43. Catering Equipment Manufacturers
    44. Catering Equipment Pizza
    45. Catering Equipment Supplier
    46. Catering Equipment Suppliers
    47. Catering Equipment Supplies
    48. Catering Storage Boxes
    49. Catering Supplies
    50. Catering Tableware
    51. Catering Trays
    52. Champagne Flutes
    53. Cheese Trays
    54. Cheesecake Trays
    55. Clear Polycarbonate
    56. Cocktail Equipment
    57. Coffee Accessories
    58. Coffee Cups
    59. Coffee To Go Cups
    60. Cold Drink Cups
    61. Cold Drink Lid
    62. Consumer Multi-Packs
    63. Convenience Food Trays
    64. Cup
    65. Cutlery
    66. Cutlery Box
    67. Cutlery Boxes
    68. Dementia Environment
    69. Design For Dementia
    70. Dessert Trays
    71. Desserts Packaging
    72. Dinnerware
    73. Dip Pots
    74. Display Trays
    75. Disposable Cups
    76. Disposable Partyware
    77. Disposable Plastic Cups
    78. Disposable Plastic Glasses
    79. Disposable Plastic Plates
    80. Disposable Plates
    81. Disposable Tableware
    82. Drink Bottles
    83. Drink Dispense
    84. Drink Dispense Systems
    85. Drink Dispenser
    86. Drink Dispensers
    87. Drinking Cups
    88. Drinking Water Coolers
    89. Drinks Dispenser
    90. Drinks Dispensers
    91. Drinkware
    92. Duo Range
    93. Fast Food Carry Trays
    94. Feeding Equipment
    95. Food Packaging Trays
    96. Food Storage Trays
    97. Food Trays
    98. Fruit And Vegetables Display
    99. Fruit Boxes
    100. Graduated Jug
    101. Harfield Duo
    102. Harfield Plates
    103. Health Care Products
    104. Healthcare Products
    105. Homewares
    106. Hospitality Products
    107. Hot Breakfast Box
    108. Hot Cup Lids
    109. Hot Dinner Box
    110. Hot Meal Boxes
    111. Hot Soup Box
    112. Ice Tongs
    113. Indian Dips Tray
    114. Individual Serving Platter
    115. Insulated Mugs
    116. Jacket Potato Dish
    117. Jug
    118. Jugs
    119. Juice Dispensers
    120. Kid Catering Equipment
    121. Kiddies Meal Boxes
    122. Lids
    123. Lunchbox
    124. Lunchboxes
    125. Meal Box Suppliers
    126. Meal Boxes
    127. Meal Trays
    128. Measuring Cups
    129. Melamine Bowls
    130. Melamine Plates
    131. Microwave Bowls
    132. Microwave Meal Box
    133. Mini Pizza Trays
    134. Mixer Bowls
    135. Multi-Packs
    136. MultiDish
    137. Multipacks
    138. Multipot
    139. Non Disposable
    140. Non Slip Tray
    141. Oval Trays
    142. Ovenable Trays
    143. Packaging For Snacks
    144. Party Catering Equipment
    145. Party Food Packaging
    146. Party Food Trays
    147. Party Supplies
    148. Party Tableware
    149. Pasta Pots
    150. Pint Tumblers
    151. Pizza Catering
    152. Plastic Beakers
    153. Plastic Bowls
    154. Plastic Catering Equipment
    155. Plastic Cups
    156. Plastic Cups Non Vending
    157. Plastic Cutlery
    158. Plastic Dishes
    159. Plastic Drinkware
    160. Plastic Food Trays
    161. Plastic Forks
    162. Plastic Glasses
    163. Plastic Jugs
    164. Plastic Knives
    165. Plastic Party Supplies
    166. Plastic Pasta Pot
    167. Plastic Plates
    168. Plastic Pots
    169. Plastic Spatula
    170. Plastic Spoons
    171. Plastic Tableware
    172. Plastic Trays
    173. Plastic Tumblers
    174. Plastic Wine / Champagne Glasses
    175. Plate Polycarbonate Suppliers
    176. Plates
    177. Platters
    178. Polycarbonate
    179. Polycarbonate Accessories
    180. Polycarbonate Beakers
    181. Polycarbonate Bowls
    182. Polycarbonate Cups
    183. Polycarbonate Cutlery
    184. Polycarbonate Dishes
    185. Polycarbonate Forks
    186. Polycarbonate Glasses
    187. Polycarbonate Jugs
    188. Polycarbonate Knives
    189. Polycarbonate Plates
    190. Polycarbonate Spoons
    191. Polycarbonate Tableware
    192. Polycarbonate Trays
    193. Polycarbonate Tumblers
    194. Polypropylene Trays
    195. Primary School Tableware
    196. Produce Trays
    197. Promotional Lunchboxes.
    198. Ready Meal Trays
    199. Ready Meals Containers
    200. Ready Meals Trays
    201. Recyclable Containers
    202. Recyclable Plastic Cups
    203. Recyclable Plastic Plates
    204. Recyclable Pots
    205. Recyclable Stacking Trays
    206. Recyclable Tableware
    207. Recyclable Trays
    208. Recyclable Tubs
    209. Restaurant Catering Equipment
    210. Reusable Coffee Cups
    211. Reusable Containers
    212. Round Trays
    213. Salad Bowl
    214. Salad Bowls
    215. Sandwich Plate
    216. Sandwich Platters
    217. School Catering Equipment
    218. School Meal Trays
    219. School Tableware
    220. Secondary School Tableware
    221. Serving Equipment
    222. Serving Trays
    223. Shot Glass
    224. Slate Products
    225. Small Plastic Cups
    226. Snack Box
    227. Snack Boxes
    228. Snack Food Packs
    229. Snack Packaging
    230. Soft Drink Dispenser
    231. Soft Drink Dispensers
    232. Soup Container
    233. Soup Containers
    234. Soup Lid
    235. Soup Lids
    236. Spatula
    237. Sushi Tray
    238. Tableware
    239. Trays
    240. Trays For BBQ
    241. Trays For Cheesecake
    242. Trays For Food
    243. Trays For Ready Meals
    244. Trowel
    245. Trowels
    246. Tumbler
    247. Unbreakable Glasses
    248. Unbreakable Tableware
    249. Water Jug Containers
    250. Water Pitcher

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    Our News & PR

    • Are you ready for the UK single-use plastic ban?

      Are you ready for the UK single-use plastic ban?

      England is set to join Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales in taking a significant step towards environmental sustainability by implementing a single-use plastic ban starting on October 1, 2023.

    • Our NEW 2023 Catalogue is here!

      Our NEW 2023 Catalogue is here!

      We are excited to share our new catalogue: The Collection 2023. Inside the catalogue you will find all the products that have established Harfield as the UKs number one manufacturer of tableware:



      At the end of 2022, LACA held the Annual School Lunch event at the House of Commons, showcasing 'all that is great about school food'.

    • On the go with Harfield

      On the go with Harfield

      Delivery and takeaway are now a popular option for many consumers. This means caterers are looking for new solutions for safe, cost effective and quick ways to provide meals to their customers.

    • Dining with Dementia

      Dining with Dementia

      We understand catering for each persons individual dining needs is important in dementia care, this will result in a better dining experience and ultimately encourage them to eat and drink more.

    • The importance of colour

      The importance of colour

      Various studies have shown that we have a great inclination to respond to colour. This means that choosing the right colour schemes, especially in the healthcare sector can be very important.

    • Harfield Antibacterial Range  How does it work?

      Harfield Antibacterial Range How does it work?

      Weve been partnering with Biomaster for 8 years now to provide a comprehensive range of antibacterial products especially designed with the healthcare sector in mind.

    • Hospitality the greener way

      Hospitality the greener way

      Sustainability is now one of the leading criteria for hospitality professionals to determine their purchasing choice. Eco-friendly, locally sourced and ethical procurement is the new standard.

    • 7 things to consider when choosing tableware for schools and colleges.

      7 things to consider when choosing tableware for schools and colleges.

      7 things to consider when choosing tableware for schools and colleges and why Harfield provides the best range for your needs.

    • Assisted Living

      Assisted Living

      'The Assisted Living Plate allows our guests to eat independently and with dignity'. With the growing demand for Assisted Living utensils and tableware, we have assembled a range of products to aid an