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    Testbourne Ltd

    Welcome to Testbourne, we are a professional hi-tec company that specialises in the supply of materials such as high purity materials, single crystals and wafers, ceramic and metal components, evaporation sources, sample preparation and industrial microwave equipment.

    Testbourne has been providing its services for over 36 years to a wide range of sectors such as electronics, glass coatings, defence, semiconductors, energy, government research establishments and universities.

    Our Markets
    Our mission is to provide a fast and efficient service backed by full technical support to customers everywhere. The name Testbourne is synonymous with service so whether your requirements are small R & D or large volume production we can help.

    ��� � Optics
    ��� � Electronics
    ��� � Solar
    ��� � Architectural, Automotive Glass & WEB Coating
    ��� � Hard Wearing & Decorative Coatings
    ��� � Research & Development
    ��� � UHV/Synchrotron

    From Quartz Sensor Crystals through to Ceramaseal UHV Components, Testbourne is able to supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality instrumentation including:

    ��� � Ceramaseal UHV Components
    ��� � Inficon/Maxtek/Sigma � Thin Film Measurement and Vacuum Control
    ��� � Quartz Sensor Crystals
    ��� � Moorfield Nanotechnology
    ��� � Vacuum Evaporation Sources
    ��� � SBT Sample Preparation Equipment
    ��� � Sairem Microwave Equipment
    ��� � Fluids/Greases/Sealants

    Ceramaseal UHV Components
    The range of Ceramaseal UHV Components from Testbourne is perfectly suited to support liquid, optical, gas and power instrumentation and sensing applications. All have been developed to withstand extreme conditions.

    Inficon/Maxtek/Sigma - Thin Film Measurement and Vacuum Control
    As a leading supplier of critical sensor technologies and advanced process control software, Inficon is able to provide a range of highly efficient products designed to enhance productivity and quality for industrial vacuum processes so to find out more please visit the Testbourne website.

    Precision Quartz Crystals
    Testbourne offers a precision quartz crystal manufacturing service to include 100% inspections, certificates of conformity and a highly efficient just in time service. If you would like to find out more or need assistance with your selection do call us.

    Vacuum Evaporation Sources
    The range of R.D.Mathis resistively heated evaporation sources available from Testbourne is manufactured from high purity, minimum 99.95% refractory metals that have a high melting point and low vapour pressure. Products include Alumina Coated Sources, Crucibles, Folded Boats, Electron Beam Gun Crucibles and Tungsten Filaments to name but a few.

    SBT Sample Preparation Equipment
    From Cutting and Sectioning, Lapping and Polishing, Disc Cutting and Sample Monitoring through to Electron Microscopy, Crystal Orientation and Consumables Testbourne is able to provide a comprehensive range of SBT Sample Preparation Equipment.

    Sairem Microwave Equipment
    Sairem SAS is a leading manufacturer of specialised microwave, RF laboratory and industrial equipment for science, medicine and food processing and can also design custom made components or complete engineering solutions.

    For further information about Testbourne please visit the Testbourne website where you`ll also find technical info on products available. Alternatively do call us.

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    Products and Services

    1. Alloy
    2. Alloy Targets
    3. Alumina Coated Sources
    4. Architectural Glass
    5. Automotive Glass
    6. Baffled Box Sources
    7. Ceramics
    8. Chemical Analysis
    9. Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods
    10. Coating Materials
    11. Coatings
    12. Coaxial Connectors
    13. Compound Targets
    14. Compounds
    15. Crucibles
    16. Crystal Orientation
    17. Cutting
    18. Damage Free Polishing
    19. Damage Free Slicing
    20. Decorative Coatings
    21. Diffusion Pump Fluids
    22. Disc Cutting
    23. Electron Beam Gun Control
    24. Electron Beam Gun Crucibles
    25. Electron Microscopy
    26. Feedthroughs
    27. Fluids
    28. Folded Baffled Box Sources
    29. Folded Boats
    30. Galden Heat Transfer Fluids
    31. Greases
    32. Hard Wearing Coatings
    33. High Precision Vacuum Gauges
    34. High Purity Alloys
    35. High Purity Compounds
    36. High Purity Metal
    37. High Purity Metal Supplier
    38. High Purity Metals
    39. High Vacuum Greases And Waxes
    40. Instruments
    41. Isolators
    42. Lapping
    43. Liquid Ring Pump Fluids
    44. Mechanical Pump Fluids
    45. Metal Supplier
    46. Metallographic Equipment
    47. Metals
    48. Micro-Electronic Sources
    49. Microelectronic Processing
    50. Microwave Equipment
    51. Moly Boat Sources
    52. Multipin Connectors
    53. Nanometre Powders
    54. NPT Feedhthroughs
    55. Optical Coatings
    56. Otolith Sample Preparation
    57. Point Source Filaments
    58. Polishing
    59. Precious Metals
    60. Preservation Storage
    61. Pure Metal Targets
    62. PVD Coatings
    63. Quartz Sensor Crystals
    64. Research Quartz Crystal Microbalance
    65. Rotatable Targets
    66. RQCM
    67. Sairem Microwave Equipment
    68. Sample Mounting
    69. Sample Preparation Equipment
    70. SBT Sample Preparation Equipment
    71. Scientific Equipment
    72. Scientific Instrument Manufacturers
    73. Scientific Instruments
    74. Scientific Measurement Equipment
    75. Sealants
    76. Sectioning
    77. Semiconductor Materials
    78. Shielded Crucible Heaters
    79. Silicone Fluids
    80. Single Crystals
    81. Small Bench Top Coater Targets
    82. Special Tantalum Boats
    83. Sputtering Targets
    84. Statolith Sample Preparation
    85. Tantalum Boat Sources
    86. Target Bonding Service
    87. Terminals
    88. Thermocouples
    89. Thin Film Deposition
    90. Thin Film Measurement
    91. Tungsten Boat Sources
    92. Tungsten Filaments
    93. UHV Components
    94. Vacuum Components
    95. Vacuum Control
    96. Vacuum Evaporation Sources
    97. Vacuum Feedthroughs
    98. Vacuum Gauge Controllers
    99. Vacuum Pump Preventative Maintenance
    100. Viewports
    101. WEB Coating
    102. Wide Range Vacuum Gauges


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems