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    Unitemp Ltd

    As specialists in environmental engineering and sole distributor for ESPEC, one of the world's leading manufacturers of environmental test equipment, Unitemp is able to specify and supply a vast range of high performance environmental test cabinets all of which can be tailored around your particular needs.

    For over 30 years we have been manufacturing and supplying standard and customised environmental test chambers and climatic test chambers.

    Covering a wide range of sectors such as automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical, medical and more the range of environmental testing solutions from Unitemp includes the following:

    - Benchtops
    - Battery Cell Test
    - 5G Reliability Testing
    - Reach in Cabinets
    - Thermal Shock Chambers
    - Speciality Test Chambers
    - Solar Panel Reach in Test Chambers
    - Altitude Chambers
    - Walk-in-Test Chambers
    - Industrial Ovens
    - Specialist Walk-in-Rooms
    - Vacuum Ovens
    - Refrigeration for Laboratories, Pharmacies, Blood Storage
    - Clean Ovens
    - Drive-in-Test Chambers

    The prime commitment of Unitemp is to provide our customers with a second to none supply and after sales support service.

    We provide excellence in engineering and design, excellence in manufacture and excellence in the service and support we offer.

    Design, Installation and Commissioning
    As specialists in our field we are able to provide the complete range of services to include design, installation and the commissioning of your equipment.

    From planned maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to full refurbishment at your own premises, we are able to ensure your equipment stays working to its optimum performance.

    Custom Build Equipment
    To further complement our existing range of ESPEC cabinets we provide a custom build service to ensure there is a piece of equipment and solution for every situation.

    In the past our custom build service has attracted interest from customers and industries with diverse needs from stressing automotive electronics through to the storage of perishable foodstuffs.

    All environment test equipment supplied by UNITEMP can be tailored around your specific industrial applications including:

    - Humidity
    - Temperature
    - Vibration
    - Altitude
    - Highly Accelerated Life Testing
    - High Accelerated Stress Screening

    ESPEC Test and Evaluation Systems
    At Unitemp, we distribute only the best quality, testing equipment to guarantee the highest possible accuracy and reliability. We are the UK and Ireland distributors for the extensive and acclaimed range of ESPEC test and evaluation systems.

    ESPEC is the world leader in environmental test chamber manufacture, and has developed an unprecedented reputation for exceptionally reliable, robust and high quality equipment, backed with Unitemp expertise in customized equipment to meet your requirements exactly.

    Please visit our website to view our full product range or contact a member of our team with any enquiries you may have. Phone Number & e-mail can be found at the top of the page.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of environment test solutions we are able to provide so to find out more about UNITEMP and the complete range of ESPEC Environmental Test Equipment please visit our website.

    Unitemp Is The Sole Distributor For ESPEC In The UK & Ireland

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    Products and Services

    1. Accelerated Ageing Chamber
    2. Accelerated Life Test Chamber
    3. Accelerated Test Chamber
    4. Aerospace Battery Testers
    5. Aerospace Test Chamber
    6. Air Conditioned Room
    7. Air Sets
    8. Air Treatment Unit
    9. Air Treatment Units
    10. Airbag Test Chamber
    11. Altitude Chamber
    12. Altitude Test Chamber
    13. Athlete Test Chambers
    14. Athlete Test Rooms
    15. Athletic Test Room
    16. Automotive Test Chamber
    17. Automotive Testing Chambers
    18. Balancing Technology
    19. Battery Testing Chamber
    20. Bench-Top Humidity Chamber
    21. Bench-Top Test Chamber
    22. Benchtop Environmental Chamber
    23. Benchtop Environmental Test Chambers Temperature
    24. Bespoke Oven Manufacturers
    25. Bio Chamber
    26. Bio Storage Chamber
    27. Burn In Chambers
    28. Burn-In Chambers
    29. Calibration
    30. Chamber Climatic Test
    31. Chamber Climatic Test UK
    32. Chamber Controller
    33. Chamber Corrosion Test
    34. Chamber Environmental Test
    35. Chamber Hire
    36. Chamber Humidity Test
    37. Chamber Laboratory Test
    38. Chamber Leasing
    39. Chamber Reliability Test
    40. Chamber Rental
    41. Chamber Shock Test
    42. Chamber Stability Test
    43. Chamber Training
    44. Chambers For Battery Testing
    45. Climatic Test Chamber
    46. Climatic Test Chambers
    47. Climatic Testing Chamber
    48. Combined Environment Chamber
    49. Composite Curing Oven
    50. Conditioned Air Rig
    51. Conditioned Room
    52. Conditioning Chamber
    53. Cooled Incubator
    54. Corrosion Test Chamber
    55. Cryogenic Cooling System
    56. Custom Made Oven
    57. Data Acquisition
    58. Data Logging
    59. Drive In Temperature Chamber
    60. Drive In Test Chamber
    61. Drive-In Humidity Chamber
    62. Drive-In Temperature Chamber
    63. Drive-In Test Chamber
    64. Drug Fridges
    65. Dry Storage Chamber
    66. Drying Oven
    67. Dust Test Chambers
    68. Environment Chamber
    69. Environmental Chamber
    70. Environmental Simulation
    71. Environmental Stimulation
    72. Environmental Test
    73. Environmental Test Chamber
    74. Environmental Test Chambers
    75. Environmental Test Chambers Laboratory Applications
    76. Environmental Test Chambers Temperature And Humidity
    77. Environmental Test Equipment
    78. Environmental Test Equipment Hire
    79. Environmental Test Services
    80. Environmental Tester
    81. Environmental Testers
    82. Environmental Testing
    83. Environmental Testing Cabinets
    84. Environmental Testing Equipment
    85. Espec Chamber
    86. Espec Chambers
    87. Espec Climatic Chamber
    88. Espec Test Chamber
    89. ESS Chamber
    90. Explosion-Proof Chamber
    91. Extra Low Temperature Chest Freezers
    92. Gas Detection Calibration
    93. General Purpose Ovens
    94. HALT
    95. HALT / HASS Chamber
    96. Heating & Cooling Applications
    97. High Temperature Ovens
    98. Humidity Applications
    99. Humidity Chamber
    100. Humidity Chambers
    101. Humidity Logging
    102. Humidity Oven
    103. Humidity Test Chamber
    104. Humidity Test Chamber UK
    105. Humidity Test Chambers
    106. Incubator
    107. Industrial Ovens
    108. Insect Storage Chamber
    109. Laboratory Deep Freezer
    110. Medical Fridges
    111. Medical Refrigerators And Freezers
    112. MRTP
    113. OEM Applications
    114. OEM Products
    115. Oven
    116. Paint Drying Oven
    117. Paint Testing Chamber
    118. Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber
    119. Pharmaceutical Stability Room
    120. Pharmacy Fridges
    121. Photostability Chamber
    122. Plant Growth Chamber
    123. Plant Growth Room
    124. Plasma Freezers
    125. Pollution Test Chamber
    126. Process Ovens
    127. Rain Test Chamber
    128. Rapid Temperature Cycling
    129. Refrigeration Applications
    130. Reliability Chamber
    131. Salt Spray Chamber
    132. Sand And Dust Test Chamber
    133. Service And Repair
    134. Solar Radiation Chamber
    135. Stability Chamber
    136. Stability Oven
    137. Stability Testing Chambers
    138. Stable Climate Generator
    139. Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers
    140. Temperature And Humidity Combined Test Chambers
    141. Temperature Chamber
    142. Temperature Chambers
    143. Temperature Conditioning
    144. Temperature Logging
    145. Temperature Test Chamber
    146. Temperature Test Chamber UK
    147. Temperature Test Chambers
    148. Temperature Test Oven
    149. Test Chamber
    150. Test Chamber Controller
    151. Test Chamber Design
    152. Test Chamber For Batteries
    153. Test Chamber Refurbish
    154. Test Chamber Service
    155. Test Chambers
    156. Test Consultancy
    157. Test Specifications
    158. Thermal Cycling Chamber
    159. Thermal Cycling Oven
    160. Thermal Platform - Thermoelectric
    161. Thermal Platform – Cryogenic
    162. Thermal Platform – Mechanical Refrigeration
    163. Thermal Platforms
    164. Thermal Shock Chamber
    165. Training
    166. Tropical Chamber
    167. ULT Freezers
    168. Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
    169. Universal Drying Ovens
    170. Vaccine Fridges
    171. Vacuum Drying Oven
    172. Vacuum Ovens
    173. Vacuum Test Chamber
    174. Vacuum Test Chambers
    175. Vibration Equipment
    176. Vibration Test Chamber
    177. Walk In Chamber
    178. Walk In Humidity Chamber
    179. Walk In Room
    180. Walk In Temperature Chamber
    181. Walk In Test Chamber
    182. Walk In Test Chambers
    183. Walk In Vacuum Chamber


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) – Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification

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