Vacuum Formers Ltd

Vacuum Formers Ltd

Brunswick Mill, Pickford Street
Macclesfield Cheshire
SK11 6JN

  • Moulded plastic components using thermoforming
  • Flexible & creative approach to plastic moulding
  • Plastic moulding and plastic fabrication
  • Bespoke Service
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    Vacuum Formers Ltd

    Vacuum Formers offers a complete solution for moulded plastic components, from initial consultation and development through to production and delivery.

    Our success is mainly due to our completely flexible approach to plastic moulding and fabrication, manufacturing products ranging from light bowls for highway lighting, motorcycle spares to funnels for pharmaceutical machinery.

    Based in Macclesfield in Cheshire we are able to offer our services across the whole of the UK including prototypes and large production runs and what's more at realistic prices and lead times.

    Vacuum Formers can provide you with complete bespoke moulding service covering a wide range of plastic materials.

    We believe that vacuum formed products can be in many colours not just the usual black or grey so we stock a wide range of both coloured and transparent plastic materials.

    We are able to use a wide range of plastic moulding materials including and not limited to:

    Otherwise known as Polythene. Used to manufacture products such as mudguards, motorcycle guards and various other robust products.

    HIP S
    High impact Polystyrene sheets. Can be used to mould medical syringe trays etc.

    Polycarbonate. A strong material that can be transparent. It�s also UV stable and well suited for the food and pharmaceutical industry such as machinery. This plastic is also durable enough to enable the manufacture of bullet proof products, motorcycle helmets and visors.

    UV Special Grade Polycarbonate
    Products under this category typically include train headlight covers, washer filter covers, lamp bowls for street lighting, machine parts including funnels, chutes for breakfast cereal and DMU 180 lens to name but a few.

    Why Vacuum Formers?
    Vacuum Formers staff is always here on hand to offer advice and demonstrate how your product can have other qualities other than functional.

    We can do this and more to achieve an efficient and cost effective moulding service for your plastic formed items whatever they may be.

    All manufacturing is carried out in house by a team of highly experienced plastic engineers including press cutting and CNC routing so if you would like further information about Vacuum Formers Ltd please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly.

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