Applied Vibration Ltd - Vibrating Conveyors, Screens and Feeders

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  • 1 of the leading exponents of vibration technology
  • Innovative product handling solutions
  • Established since 1976
  • 1 of the leading exponents of vibration technology
  • Innovative product handling solutions
  • Established since 1976
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Applied Vibration Ltd - Vibrating Conveyors, Screens and Feeders

Designing & Manufacturing Vibrating Conveyors, Screens and Feeders

Vibratory feeders, conveyors and vibrating screens are key to material processing, providing energy efficient low maintenance methods of feeding, conveying and screening loose bulk materials.

Established in 1976, Applied Vibration Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial vibration equipment such as Vibratory Feeders and Vibrating Screens for materials handling and processing.

With over 40 years� experience we have supplied to a wide range of industries including the food industry, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry, quarries, rubber and plastics industries, flour and milling, animal feed producers, foundries, waste and recycling industry, packaging equipment suppliers, glass manufacturing industry, component manufacturing companies and others.


Our range of equipment includes vibrating feeders, vibratory screens, vibrating elevators, vibrating compaction tables and vibrating conveyors. In addition to these items we also design and manufacture bespoke vibratory equipment to meet customers� specific requirements.

Typical applications include batching, dosing, feeding, screening, elevating, compacting, de-watering, sieving, conveying, spreading, aligning and discharging.

Vibratory Feeders
Vibrating feeders can be produced in trough or dust tight tubular forms with the feeding tube or feed trays manufactured in either carbon or stainless steel. Vibrating feeders can be produced to meet the specific hygiene needs of many industries including food and pharmaceuticals.

Vibratory Screens
Vibratory screens use a linear screening action to provide rapid and efficient separation of loose bulk material by size. Screens are also often used for dewatering and dedusting applications in a range of industries.

Vibratory Conveyors
Our vibrating conveyors are low maintenance and energy efficient with low power consumption. Vibratory conveyors are easily cleaned down and can be manufactured to hygienic designs. They provide high throughput rates for transferring a variety of bulk materials.

Electromagnetic Drive Unit
We supply both electromagnetic drive and vibratory motor drive units to suit a range of industrial vibrating equipment and material handling applications.

Vibrating Table
In addition to vibratory feeders, conveyors and vibrating screens, Applied Vibration design and manufacture vibrating tables that can be used to aid the compaction of materials in bulk bags, boxes and containers. Vibratory tables help material settle and nest closely, reducing the product volume to a minimum.

Please visit our website for further details and feel free to get in touch to discuss the equipment we could design and manufacture for your product handling application.

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