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    CentraTEQ Vibration & Package Test Systems

    CentraTEQ are specialists in the Vibration Test and Product Test field. We have the flexibility to offer solutions from a variety of suppliers which enables us to put together a package to meet even the lightest of budgets without compromising on the quality. Whatever your requirements in this field, we can work with you to achieve your goals. We are proud of the reputation we have for flexibility and we feel that in the current climate this is essential when providing clients with the benefits they should expect from a one stop supplier:

    We will assist you at every stage of the process; from setting a specification for your test equipment, sourcing, planning the room and services, to delivery, unloading, installation and commissioning.

    What we provide:

    To view our range of available reconditioned systems.


    Electrodynamic shakers in a wide range of sizes. CentraTEQ are exclusive UK representatives for ETS Solutions. Find out more about our Vibration Shakers.

    Replace your existing amplifier to improve shaker performance. The ETS Solutions MPA series amplifier family is a wide frequency band digital switching power amplifier designed with the latest state of the art technology. Find out more about our Amplifiers.

    Solutions with all control modes, low channel, low cost to high channel. CentraTEQ can provide a range of closed loop vibration control systems to suite every application and budget. Our close links with suppliers means we can offer the best solution for your requirements. Find out more about our Vibration Controllers.

    ETS Solutions slip tables are designed to provide the optimum test platform for horizontal testing with any shaker combination. The unibase concept provides a structural steel body to align the shaker and table on a rigid platform. Find out more about our Slip Tables.

    At CentraTEQ we strongly recommend an annual preventative maintenance service to fix problems before they start and our contract maintenance packages offer various levels of service all of which can be suited to meet your working practices.

    Whatever your sensor needs, Accelerometers, Force, Torque, Sound, Displacement, Velocity, Pressure. We can provide a full range of sensors, cables and associated instrumentation for test and measurement applications. We are also able to provide a calibration service for all accelerometers regardless of the original manufacturer.

    High speed contact measurement for electrical testing during environmental testing.

    More about us

    At CentraTEQ we are proud to be the exclusive UK representative for ETS Solutions

    ETS Solutions are now a major player in the industry and provide a wide range of vibration testing equipment to global markets including high performance testing equipment which is manufactured to a high quality delivering high performance and reliability at an affordable price

    If you have any requirements in this field or would like to learn more about our products and services please contact us and we will be delighted to offer advice and provide further information on our extensive range of products. You can also visit our main website which contains more in depth product descriptions and data.

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    1. Accelerometer Sensors
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    6. Condition Monitoring Equipment
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    11. Equipment Condition Monitoring
    12. FFT Analysis
    13. Hand Arm Vibration Testing
    14. High Frequency Vibration Test Systems
    15. High Performance Vibration Test Equipment
    16. Horizontal Vibration Test Systems
    17. Hydraulic Vibration Test Systems
    18. Mantis Vibration Test System
    19. Multi Axis Vibration Test Systems
    20. Package Test Systems
    21. Sensors
    22. Service & Maintenance
    23. Shakers
    24. Shock
    25. Shock Test
    26. Single Axis Vibration Test Systems
    27. Tensor Vibration Test System
    28. Vehicle Vibration Testing
    29. Vertical Vibration Test Systems
    30. Vibrating Shakers
    31. Vibration
    32. Vibration 3 Axis
    33. Vibration 6 Axis
    34. Vibration Absorbing Tapes
    35. Vibration Analyser
    36. Vibration Analysis
    37. Vibration Analysis Equipment
    38. Vibration Analysis Systems
    39. Vibration Analyzer
    40. Vibration Assessment
    41. Vibration Assessments
    42. Vibration Consultants
    43. Vibration Control
    44. Vibration Control Adhesive Foams
    45. Vibration Control Equipment
    46. Vibration Control Foams
    47. Vibration Control Solutions
    48. Vibration Control System
    49. Vibration Control Systems
    50. Vibration Controller
    51. Vibration Controllers
    52. Vibration Dampening Feet
    53. Vibration Dampening Mounts
    54. Vibration Eliminators
    55. Vibration Engine Mount
    56. Vibration Equipment
    57. Vibration Insulation
    58. Vibration Isolation
    59. Vibration Isolation Air Tables
    60. Vibration Isolation Components
    61. Vibration Isolators
    62. Vibration Matting
    63. Vibration Measurement
    64. Vibration Measurement Instruments
    65. Vibration Measuring
    66. Vibration Meter
    67. Vibration Monitoring
    68. Vibration Platforms
    69. Vibration Random
    70. Vibration Resistant Rubber Nuts
    71. Vibration Risk Assessments
    72. Vibration Sensors
    73. Vibration Shaker
    74. Vibration Shock
    75. Vibration Silo Pads
    76. Vibration Sinusoidal
    77. Vibration Stress Screening
    78. Vibration Survey
    79. Vibration Systems
    80. Vibration Tables
    81. Vibration Test
    82. Vibration Test Chamber
    83. Vibration Test Equipment
    84. Vibration Test Machines
    85. Vibration Test System
    86. Vibration Test Systems
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    88. Vibration Testing
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