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    Wire Belt Company Ltd

    As a trusted and leading metal conveyor belt manufacturer The Wire Belt Company have been providing customers all over the world with a vast range of high quality products to meet their specific manufacturing needs since the year 1962.

    Our Solutions

    - Conveyor Belts
    - Conveyors
    - Drive Components
    - Accessories

    Conveyor Belts

    Wire Belt Company manufactures and supplies one of the largest ranges of high performance wire belts anywhere around.

    Wire Conveyor Belts for Virtually Every Type of Application

    From Flat-Flex hygienic belts, Compact Grid belts and Heavy Duty Metal Modular conveyor belts through to Duplex Honeycomb belts for heavy load use, Ladder-Track, Speciality Belts and Chain Link belts you`re guaranteed to find the right type, format and size to meet your exact conveyor needs.

    As with all conveyor belts available from Wire Belt Company our Compact-Grid has an easy to clean stainless steel belt and provides non slip positive drive which means the belt will run straight and true even under heavy loads. If you would like to find out more about this system please get in touch.

    Improve both your efficiency and bottom line with the Ladder-Track conveyor belt system from Wire Belt Company!

    Found in common use in many bakery establishments throughout the UK our Ladder-Track conveyor belts guarantee highly efficient operation time after time. Its open design not only provides smooth and efficient operation but facilitates easy and thorough cleaning.

    Other Conveyor Belts
    When it comes to metal conveyor belts we have everything you can think of, no matter your conveyor belting needs the Wire Belt Company Ltd we have something to suit your requirements.

    Our full range of manufactured conveyor belts:

    - Flat-Flex®
    - Flat-Flex® XT®
    - Compact-Grid®
    - Eye-Flex®
    - Honeycomb
    - Versa-Link®
    - Ladder-Track™
    - TC-327™
    - Specialty Belts
    - C-CureEdge™
    - Flex-Turn® Belt
    - Cordweave Belt
    - Flat Spiral
    - Balanced Spiral Woven
    - Chain Link
    - Filter Belt
    - Plate Link Belt
    - Self Tracking Belt
    - Flexible Rod Belts
    - Multi-tier spiral conveyor belt


    Where conveyors are concerned we offer a range of field proven solutions.

    Flex-Turn Corner Conveyor
    The Flex-Turn conveyor units have been specifically designed to gently convey your products safely around corners whilst still maintaining proper alignment. These units are able to negotiate the tightest and smallest inside turning radius in a gentle and smooth manner to minimise damage to delicate products.

    The great line up of conveyor solutions continues with Straight, Spreading, Converging and Diverging conveyors each one of them perfect for food, confectionary and industrial applications.

    To find out more about the wide range of highly efficient and time saving conveyor solutions Wire Belt Company has to offer please visit our website or get in touch to talk with one of our technical sales team.

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