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    Hardwood Street Furniture

    Hardwood Street Furniture

    For decades now the team at Woodscape have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of beautiful hardwood street furniture to meet the needs of both rural and urban environments.

    Hardwood is a naturally strong and versatile material lending itself admirably to a whole range of applications and locations. It also brings an air of quality to any scheme and with its long life expectancy with minimal care requirements it is ideally suited for any location.

    We are therefore able to provide a wide range of hardwood products for an equally wide range of applications, from residential, parks and gardens through to heritage, retailscape, commercial and education.

    In the past Woodscape has supplied architectural hardwood products for projects involving some of the nation�s most prestigious locations including Stonehenge, Manchester University, Pavilion Seating in Brighton, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and many more so to find out more please visit our website.

    ...� Benches & Seating
    ...� Litter Bins
    ...� Beautiful Planters
    ...� Timber Retaining Walls
    ...� Hardwood Bollards
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    ...� Balconies
    ...� Pergolas

    � Bridges
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    � Decking
    � Gates
    � Picnic Sets
    � Sculptures
    � Bridges

    Hardwood Street Furniture

    We offer a complete custom build seating design service.

    Working alongside designers and architects Woodscape is able to provide a range of solutions that are both practical and beautiful. We can supply a product to meet the needs of every purpose so whether its benches, wall seats, tree seats or chairs we supply a range of hardwood street furniture in a variety of sizes and specifications.

    Hardwood Litter Bins

    From traditional litter bins and bin screens to wheelie bin housings Woodscape is able to supply a range of hardwood litter bin solutions.

    To further compliment this we supply a range of additional material options from our Benito range.


    Add long lasting form and function to public areas with the range of hardwood bollards from Woodscape. Available in a wide selection of heights, widths and profiles our hardwood bollards come with a wide range of options including optional grooves, lights, bands and other decorations.

    They can also be designed to provide hinged and removable specifications so if you would like to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

    Cycle Parking

    Our range of Benito custom made hardwood timber cycle bollards have been manufactured to endure harsh environments and other hard wearing locations so why not talk to one of our team about bespoke design options.


    Thanks to their NVD hardwood timber construction the range of gates from Woodscape has been created to be both practical and long lasting.


    Woodscape offers a wide range of attractive planters including our unique modular system to allow you to introduce greenery and beauty to any public area and enhance the look and feel of your scheme.

    Hardwood planters can also be used as traffic and crowd control applications of which more information may be found by heading over to our website.


    Our hardwood timber balconies are precision engineered and made in naturally very durable hardwood. All are available in a range of balustrade designs as standard and come in kit form for on-site installation.

    All kits are supplied with the necessary coach bolts, coach screws and metal fixings.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of natural hardwood solutions Woodscape is able to provide. If you would like further information or have any questions regarding our products and services please visit our website.


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