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THE Plastic Piling Company Limited

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    THE Plastic Piling Company Limited

    Plastic Piling

    The Plastic Piling Company have been involved in plastic piling for over 17 years in one form or another and now provides a wide range of Z, U and advanced plastic piling products from suppliers worldwide.

    From DIY to major civil engineering works The Plastic Piling Company provides a range of products that can be installed efficiently by using regular pile driving equipment.

    One of the greatest developments in recent years has been the increase in much improved products and choice of piles including a combination of plastic and steel and plastic and timber piles.

    Although renowned for the supply of plastic piles we now offer an additional range of products in the form of jet filters that play a vital part in marine and bridge infrastructures today.

    Plastic Piling
    The advanced range of plastic piling from The Plastic Piling Company consists of three main products, Multilock, Prolock and Truline.

    The Multilock is our biggest seller, 500mm wide and features two hexagonal tubes to provide greater rigidity whilst enabling 100mm timber post or steel tubes to be installed inside.

    Prolock plastic piling is also very popular and ideal for landscaping and marina basin applications where a more aesthetically pleasing installation is required.

    Truline plastic piling is mainly used as permanent formwork with its inside filled with steel reinforced concrete. This product is also available with other modules including male and female ends, cross struts and angle elements for corners and curvature.

    Piling Equipment - Hire and Sales
    The Hammerman range of piling equipment from The Plastic Piling Company can be found under the Equipment side of our business and is focused around the installation of plastic piling.

    Piling Mandrels
    The demand for piling mandrels has greatly increased in recent years where the demand to drive longer and deeper lengths of plastic sheet piling is necessary.

    The Plastic Piling Company now offers a comprehensive range of side sleeves, side mandrels and internal mandrels in support of our impressive existing range of plastic sheet piles.

    Handheld Units
    The PD handheld steel post and driver has been introduced into our range of equipment and is mainly used for applications where equipment needs to be small and portable such as applications in back gardens etc. They also offer excellent employment in the installation of nicospan posts and backing anchor plates.

    The Atlas Copco PD1 unit from The Plastic Piling Company is extremely lightweight with a compact hydraulic powerpack that provides excellent performance when compared to conventional air powered products. Weighing just 29kgs this innovative product is substantial enough to remain on the pile rather than hopping off.

    The new larger Atlas Copco PD2 unit weighs 40kgs and will soon be available for hire so keep an eye on our website for up to date information.

    EMS Series
    The Plastic Piling Company is extremely pleased to announce the introduction of the EMS Series of piling vibrators to our portfolio of Hammerman Equipment.

    The series of EMS range of vibrators are unique in that they include the UKs smallest piling vibrator the ESF03. This vibrator can be mounted, powered or suspended and run from a separate powerpack.

    JETFilters have been designed to relieve the hydrostatic pressures caused by rain water as well as tidal surges trapped behind most designs of water control structures such as seawalls, retaining walls, sheet piling and bulkheads.

    The Plastic Piling Company offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of JETFilter systems that can be installed to any existing structures old and new and with a replaceable filter are available in 3 diameters, 2 1/2�, 4�and 6� and manufactured from steel and stainless steel. The smallest model is also available in a budget ABS plastic.

    To find out more about The Plastic Piling Company please go to our website, thank you.

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