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The advantages of plastic

Plastics By Design Ltd News and PR from Plastics By Design Ltd - Published 18 October 2021 At Plastics By Design, we know about all of the advantages of plastic. Our aim is to offer the highest quality products for our clients, whether they want prototypes or production runs.
While attitudes towards plastic are changing because of the belief that it is harmful to the environment, it remains a vital resource. What people need to keep in mind is that problems with the material generally only occur when people neglect to dispose of it properly. Lots of plastic is eco-friendly because it is recyclable. There are only a few types that are not suitable for recycling. However, with proper disposal, even they would not harm the environment!

There are several reasons to use plastic for packaging instead of other materials. If you don’t believe us, read on to find out more.

Cost effectiveness:
The most obvious advantage of plastic is how cheap it is. Savings begin at the manufacturing stage because it is easy to design and mass produce products. In addition, plastic is lightweight and easy to stack. This makes it cheaper to store and transport.

Environmentally friendly:
Although plastic is being portrayed as a really harmful material by the media, it is not as damaging as many people believe. There are even studies that show it would require more energy and produce more greenhouse gas if all packaging was made of other materials instead of plastic. Rather than moving away from plastic, it is better to ensure that people do more to recycle the material.

At Plastics By Design, we take care to be careful with our plastic use. We make products from recyclable PET and rPET, using materials that have already been recycled. You can also return most of our products to us to use again rather than throwing them away. This increases the lifespan of the products while also keeping them out of landfill.

Versatile design:
Plastic is one of the most versatile materials in the world. As a result, you can shape it in a huge array of different ways. This gives you more options in terms of the design. You can select designs to suit your preferences.

Even thin plastic can have exceptional impact resistance. It is also waterproof and remains strong in damp conditions.
Therefore, it is a more durable option than cardboard and moulded pulp. There is also less waste because of how long the plastic can last.

If you are wondering about the advantages of plastic, we are happy to offer more details. Contact Plastics By Design today and we will help.

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The most obvious advantage of plastic is how cheap it is

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